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Review: Americana Sort ‘n Store Toy Chest

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I can remember when we had one child and I said “Toy boxes are messy. They are just heaps of unorganized toys…” I recall having the time and energy to actually sort toys, put them in their designated places and look at a well maintained area with a sense of satisfaction…oh how times have changed!

Americana Sort 'n Store Toy Chest

Fast forward, we now have 3 kids. Our youngest is 3. Life happens fast! The days of systematically displaying toys on a designated shelf are long gone. I laugh at the thought of how I actually had time to organize toys once upon a time. My opinion of toy boxes has changed dramatically, much like my schedule.

Americana Sort 'n Store Toy Chest

About Americana Sort ‘n Store Toy Chest:

One of the Little Tikes toy boxes needed for toy storage!  Kids will have a place for everything, and everything in its place with this extra-large capacity toy chest / toy box. 


   • Two removable bins to hold smaller toys
   • Six cubic feet of storage area
   • Lid detaches for safety

Americana Sort 'n Store Toy Chest

My Thoughts:

A toy box is a wonderful thing! The truth is kids are not naturally orderly usually. My kids love having a big bin to put their stuff in. I watch my son sort through his toy box, the look on his face is what I envision pure bliss looking like. He is so happy, discovering favorite toys and deciding what to play with. I love that they have toy boxes because we can pick it up, drop it in the box and ta-da! No more mess!

Americana Sort 'n Store Toy Chest

We have a Little Tikes Americana Sort ‘n Store Toy Chest and I love this thing! I love that it has 2 handy drawers underneath the chest that are ideal for keeping small things like legos inside. This toy chest is sturdy, and it is made to last. I love that it has plenty of space for containing their stuff and it looks good. Clean up has never been easier thanks to the Americana Sort ‘n Store Toy Chest.

Americana Sort 'n Store Toy Chest

If you are like me, and you have a few kids, limited space and tons of toys, I would say this is the ideal storage solution for your family! It is priced at under $80 and it is durable enough to last for many years. Little Tikes offers many products with your family in mind.

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