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America Commutes ~ The Joys of Commutes

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

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Do you commute on daily base? My husband did for work this year and will do it for his new job next year. This year he commuted about 20 minutes to work and 20 minutes back home. Was is stressful?? Not really.

I asked him why he enjoyed commuting to work. His response was it gave him time to unwind. He got to process and think about his day at work before spending time with his family. In a way it made it a lot easier for him to leave work at work. He didn’t bring it home to his family. Some of the things I noticed was that he always had a drink with him when he was leaving for work and when he came home. I think it’s one of those unwritten laws that when you go on a drive it’s important to have a drink. The important part about having a drink is making sure you had a reusable mug that was travel friendly. Why is that important? It saves money and it just makes drinking while driving a lot easier and in many ways safer!

Some of the tips that I found useful that we need to consider when commuting is:

  • bring healthy snacks
  • choose a good reusable/travel friendly mug
  • bring a neck pillow
  • catch up on rest
  • maximize the minutes to get work done

Do you have a secret that makes commuting easier? Do you enjoy or hate commuting?

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