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Advice on Healthy Living & Weight Loss

It takes a village to raise a baby! 

Okay, so I know you have probably heard the sane that it takes a village to raise a baby. I think that can fit with making a life alter change, such as weight loss. You can’t do it alone. You need a great support system. Which is exactly what I have. Outside of my husband, who will do anything for me and reminds me daily to stay on track, I have a great group of friends. When I first started this journey I was asking them for their thoughts and advice on weight loss.

I wanted to share with you what they had to say: 

Sara with Sweet Silly Sara says she tries to walk as often as possible. It gives her more energy and burn calories. 

Amanda with Coupon and Lesson Plans says she lift weights with her husband, eats salads with chicken for dinner 3 nights a week, plays the Wii with her kids and always parks her vehicle in the back so she has to walk the longest distance to get into a store.

April with Saving For my Family says to drink water all day and to drink a large glass of water before every meal. You won’t eat as much and you stay hydrated. 

Dana with Pittsburgh Frugal Mom says she adds Mio in her water all day every day!

Shauna with Pickles and Peppers  says to eat lean proteins (especially plant based), veggies  fruits, veggies, veggies, broth based soup before any meal, veggies, portion control. And to think outside the box and look for new ways to cook the same old thing. 

So between all the advice I received I came to the conclusion that there are three important factors in weight loss:

healthy advice
To get out and walk. Smell the flowers 🙂
Drink plenty of walker!
Eat plenty of veggies!


Are you going to take any of these advice? If so, what? Do you have any advice that you would want to share? I would love to hear from you!! Like I said it takes a village to make a change!

4 thoughts on “Advice on Healthy Living & Weight Loss

  1. I need to drink more water too. We are no longer keeping unhealthy junk foods in the house. I stocked the pantry with freeze dried fruit, Motts for Tots fruit snacks (1/2 serving of fruits and veggies in each pouch I think) and eat your vegetables chips. It makes snacking guilt free!

  2. These are all great pointers to keep in mind. Personally, I need to work on drinking more water. One thing to keep in mind as well is portion size. Eating well balanced meals in the correct portion sizes really helps you from over eating – sounds crazy but you can still be overeating even if it is just veggies and fruit!

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