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A Parent’s Playbook for Learning

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Education is important. Without it we will go no where. Kids spend half of their time at school and half of their time with their parents  I believe education shouldn’t be just left up to the teachers. Parents should also help. But, if you are like me you don’t know how or exactly where to start. Jen Lilienstein will help!

About the Book: (according to Amazon)

This is a detailed, practical guide to help parents (and teachers) understand how different personality types learn best, and includes a personality quiz. The techniques parents learn in this book series will teach them specific, research-backed, actionable strategies amassed from nearly 100 reference texts with respect to how to create a learning environment that allows their kids to excel and develop confidence in their abilities, how to support and encourage their kids’ education in ways that are best for him or her, and how to teach kids the strategies that help them each play to their individual learning strengths.The book reveals how each of the eight personality types naturally gets organized, gets motivated, approaches new concepts, Learns in groups, takes notes and files knowledge, tackles homework and test prep, and handles success and failure.
The book is broken down into the eight learning personalities. Which are…
  1. Extraverted Feeler
  2. Extraverted Intuitive
  3. Extraverted Sensor
  4. Extraverted Thinker
  5. Introverted Feeler
  6. Introverted Intuitive
  7. Introverted Sensor
  8. Introverted Thinker

My favorite part of the book is that it does not just discuss the profiles and the techniques. But it starts off helping you determine your child’s personality profile followed by techniques and tips for putting the techniques into action. It also suggests you take one step at a time. Don’t make a whole bunch of changes at once. The next thing it does which is VERY important. Not only do we have different learning styles but there are also different teaching profiles. It goes over all the profiles and teaches you more about them. It will cover:

  • Getting Organized
  • Approaching New Concepts
  • Note Taking & “Filing” Knowledge
  • Homework & Test Preparation
  • Group Learning
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Motivation and Underachievement
  • Handling Successes & Failures
  • Effective Teacher Communications
Now to my thoughts. Is this book useful? I believe so! I think it’s a book that every parent and teacher should have. My husband is a teacher and I have encouraged him and his coworkers to read. It’s full of useful information and it’s written in a manner that everyone can understand. What do you think you can gain from this book?

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