8 Butterfly Snacks to Serve

8 Butterfly Snacks to Serve

We are getting really excited about spring being near! After a long winter with too much time spent indoors the kids are ready to flutter outside and play! I have found some adorable ideas for tasty butterfly inspired snacks that the whole family is going to love! From healthy veggie packed butterfly treats to sweet candy options! These snacks will have your kiddos fluttering to the kitchen hoping to catch a bite of something great!

Which of these butterfly snacks do you think your family would like the best? I love the cute cupcakes for a spring snack that will be fun to share! I think the butterfly veggies would be a great way to get the kids excited about healthy eating! If you have an idea for a butterfly inspired snack I would love to hear about it in a comment!

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes by Optimistic Mommy
Backyard Bug Snacks by The Crafting Chicks
Butterfly Snack Bags by Housewife Eclectic
Butterfly Pudding Cups by It Happens in a Blink
Dark Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes by Food Folks and Fun
Candy Butterfly Snacks by Mom Endeavors
Veggie Butterflies by B Inspired Mama
Pink Butterfly Cupcakes by Thrifty Diva


  1. The cupcakes would be so much fun to do with my younger siblings! They love to bake and decorate.

  2. These look very nutritional and quite delicious. I appreciate your sharing these with us today.

  3. The pudding and cupcakes may just be the next school treat! They are all adorable!

  4. These are really fun. I think this will help the kids eat more vegetables and fruit.

  5. The cupcakes look soo good. I’m not too keen on the veggie butterflies, but that’s just because I don’t like cucumbers LOL.

  6. I like the Veggie Butterflies with yogurt dip as the body in the middle and veggies arranged artistically to make the wings.

  7. of course the cupcakes would definitely win in my house, however I do like the cute veggie cupcakes as well, definitely an incentive to get the kids to eat more veggies!

  8. I have got to do some of these with my daughter. She loves butterflies, so it might just help her eat some foods that are healthier for her.

  9. I love the Home Vegetable Butterfly Snack. It would also be good as a part of an assortment or hor’deorves trays like with cheese, olives, crackers, grapes…etc.

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