7 Ways To Become More Organized
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7 Ways To Become More Organized

Living a hectic and chaotic lifestyle is challenging and will likely eventually catch up with you. You may be feeling tired and exhausted from always having to look at a mess and having your belongings out of order both at home and in the workplace.

Learn ways to become more organized so you can enjoy your life more and feel more relaxed on a daily basis. You’ll spend less time searching around for what it is you need and will have additional time for attending to your needs. Think of how wonderful it’ll feel to finally get your life in order once and for all and stop stressing about all the piles of stuff that are lying around.

  • Write To-Do Lists

You’ll be more successful in your professional and personal life when you stop trying to remember all that’s happening in your head. Instead, take the time to write down your tasks and create to-do lists for what you have upcoming. Put these items in priority order so you’ll be sure to tackle what’s most important first. Carry these lists with you wherever you go and notice how much less stressed out you feel because your memory won’t have to be working on overdrive all the time. There will be times you’ll simply forget what it was you were going to do and referring to your notepad will help you calmly move forward.

  • Keep A Calendar & Planner

In addition to having to-do lists, it’s also a wise idea to keep a calendar of events and use a planner. These tools are a great way to become more organized and feel more in control of what’s happening around you. Record down what’s going on at work, in your home, and with your kids. Also, use your calendar and planner to help you see when you’re over committing so you can cut back. This way, you’ll know where everyone is at all times and be able to quickly scan and take notice of what you have soon approaching in the future. Document the main or general idea so it triggers a reminder in your head about what you may need to do to prepare for what’s coming up, if anything.

  • Understand Your Finances

Another way to become more organized is to understand your finances better. Being in the dark about your financial situation is only setting yourself up for unwanted surprises and worries. Take the time to create and follow a budget and be sure to pay your bills on time. If you’re strapped for cash, then be aware of your options for how you can proceed such as looking into online loans for bad credit. Not knowing what money you have going out or coming in and winging it financially will likely cause you a lot of anxiety. Have a plan of attack so that you’re always in control of your money situation and aren’t scrambling to make ends meet at the last-minute.

  • Declutter Your Home

You spend a lot of time in your home, so it only makes sense that you’d want it to look nice. All it will require is for you to spend some time sorting through your belongings and giving all you own a place in your space. This is your chance to get rid of or donate what you no longer need or use as well. There are plenty of useful organizational tools and devices out on the market to help make your job of decluttering your home easier. Ask your family to pitch in and assist you so you can get the job done quickly and without so much pressure on your shoulders. Go through closets, rummage through the basement and get in the habit of only keeping what you deem as necessary.

  • Open & File Your Mail Regularly

It’s easy to get busy and forget about opening up and filing your mail. Soon you may encounter piles of papers around your home that aren’t pleasant to look at and make you feel uneasy. You can become more organized by regularly opening and filing your mail where it belongs. It’s possible you’ll miss important documents or notices if you allow it to stack up and continue to ignore it. What will help is if you set aside five minutes a day to get the mail and open up and sort through it so that you can keep what you need and recycle anything that’s junk right away.

  • Start Your Day Right

Work on becoming more organized by starting your day off right and setting the tone, so you don’t start to slack immediately. For example, make your bed, review your daily to-do list and make sure all is in order for the day ahead. Maybe the early morning time before work is when you can clean up around the house a bit and make sure all is where you want it. Be committed to getting and staying organized from the moment you wake up so that your day flows more easily.

  • Make Organization A Priority

If you want to become more organized then you have to start making it a priority. Forgetting about it and only putting in a little effort once in a while isn’t going to get the job done. You need to make it a goal of yours to do what’s in your power to get more organized each and every day. Identify any obstacles or what’s holding you back and work through them so you can be successful with this matter. Remind yourself how doing so is going to be beneficial to you so you can keep yourself motivated to continue on the right path.

It takes an extra effort to be organized and will certainly require you to change a few of your habits. However, stay focused on all the upsides that doing so will bring to your life. Use these suggestions to help you better determine how you should be spending your time if you want to truly become more organized and orderly.  

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  1. Thanks for these practical tips! For me, the number 1 thing to do is to declutter the home. The surrounding is sometimes very much a reflection of the mind. I always find that clearing up the physical mess is the first step to a clearer mind!

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