7 Steps Toward Glowing Vitality for Women This Season

No matter what your age or stage, it’s important to feel as good as possible. Having the energy and motivation to engage in life-giving relationships and activities makes a real difference in your sense of well-being. It can be a challenge to know where to start, though. Do you need a roadmap to guide you toward glowing vitality? Consider the following steps.

1. Optimize Your Health

Good health is the foundation for a vibrant life. Everyone is a work in progress; if you’re dealing with a few health issues, you’re far from alone. Reaching out for support (and evaluation if you need it) can help you make wise decisions that will support your long-term wellness. Not sure where to look? Try a search using terms such as “women’s healthcare center” to find professionals who can help you.

Vitality for Women

2. Identify Energy Drainers

Take a good look at your life and identify situations and relationships that are a drain on your energy. If it’s best to cut ties with them, do so. If reframing or adjusting is a better idea, talk to a trusted friend or advisor to get feedback and assistance. Journaling is helpful, too!

3. Establish Healthy Rhythms

Craft a nourishing, flexible life rhythm that includes plenty of space for rest, work, recreation, and relationships. Align your activities with what you truly value; you might find that this makes you re-evaluate everything you do in a typical day — and how you do it.

4. Restore Yourself

How are your energy reserves? Do you have the vitality to spare, or are you tapped out? The answer is important because it has everything to do with what you include in your rhythms. You might require a period of time to get extra sleep and daytime naps. It might be necessary to cut down on your workload for a while. Be honest and compassionate with yourself; it’s next to impossible to give from a dry well.

5. Connect With Others

Positive, supportive relationships are crucial for good health. Even if you’re on the introverted side, be sure that you get human contact regularly. Casual encounters in the grocery store, work relationships, and intimate friendships and partnerships help provide perspective, comfort, and emotional/physical regulation.

6. Create Beauty

You’re always creating something, whether it’s a craft, meal, or the effect of your presence. Make it beautiful — beauty in this case pointing toward a sense of wholeness and excellence. You don’t have to be a professional artist or craftsman; even the way you dress and talk can convey beauty.

7. Set Healthy Boundaries

Healthy interpersonal boundaries have to do with wisely choosing what and who you allow in your life, and what your limits are. Establishing good boundaries ensures that you have plenty of time and energy to devote to things that are important to you. Consider researching the work of Henry Cloud for useful information on boundaries.

Radiance and vitality require a holistic approach. Try these tips to look and feel your best.

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