7 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Hotel Rooms Use
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7 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Hotel Rooms Use

We all love hotel washrooms and probably miss them the most once we’re back from the trip. Housekeeping from hotels around the globe reveals the secret behind crystal clean washrooms. Luckily, it doesn’t require a long itinerary or extra effort but small hacks that help you ace your cleaning game.

1. Minimize the Moisture

The key to a clean washroom is dry and moisture free surfaces. Although you need water to clean almost every corner in your house, moisture facilitates the growth of mold in your washrooms. In order to get rid of mildew and mold in your washrooms, you need to minimize the moisture trapped, especially in areas like the corner of your shower and behind the faucets.

If your washroom has tiled walls, wipe the water off after showering. Similarly, use small towels and sponges to clean the sides of your sink. Using dehumidifiers also helps in considerably reducing the moisture in the air, especially if your washroom doesn’t have a window.

2. Use Water Repellents

Water repellent solutions are great at controlling the moisture level in your washrooms. Since the solution is water repellent, it prohibits the growth of any mold or mildew which may appear as a result of moisture. They prevent water stains from sticking to glass surfaces, ultimately preventing grime buildup.

3. Keep the Grout Clean

Keeping the grout clean is one difficult task but is definitely the most noticeable area of your washroom once it gets dirty. Not only is it porous, it easily traps stains and is visible enough to play with your sanity. However, luckily a number of home remedies can help you get rid of the grout dirt.

This includes using a water+vinegar solution, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda solutions. Applying any of these solutions and scrubbing with a tooth brush generally helps scrape off the dirt and gives you aesthetically appealing washrooms.

4. Use Liquid Soap Instead of Bars

Let’s admit it. We all hate soap bars and the grimy solution they leave behind by trapping water in the dish. Using liquid soaps not only keeps your bathroom counters cleaner, but can also be poured into trendy soap dispensers. This way your hands don’t come into contact with the germs, the previous person left on the soap bar and your washroom remains moisture free.

5. Use Wipes For Immediate Cleaning

Not every stain requires a complete wash for the entire bathroom. Toothpaste spills, water marks, shampoo spills and other small stains should be removed there and then using disinfecting cleaning wipes. For all you know, you might not need to clean the washroom for a couple of days if these small stains are cleaned there and then. Saves you time as well as extra effort.

6. Keep the Floor Cleaning for the end

Cleaning the floor at the end saves you the effort and time of cleaning it twice. Chances are that while you’re cleaning the tiles and bathroom counters, your feet stains or hair dirty up the floor again. True efficiency is when you can clean maximum number of rooms in the minimum time. Therefore employing simple strategies like these save you considerable time.

7. Attention to Detail

What is it about hotel washrooms that makes you fall in love with them? Its the tiny details that attract you most. Color coordinated towels and mats, tissue rolls shaped into cones, flowers or scented candles on the counters are the tiny details that play a key role in making an ordinary washroom look like a hotel room’s.

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