6 Easy-Care Flowering Houseplants

Indoor plants are one of the most versatile decor elements to include in your home. They have mood-enhancing qualities and bring the beauty of nature indoors, making your home feel less cramped and more natural. Unfortunately, many indoor plants are leafy and green, without ever blooming.

If you want to add a pop of color to your decor without continuously replacing fresh flowers, you’re in luck. Here are six low-maintenance flowering houseplants.


Orchids are one of the best potted flowers to feature in your home. They’re low maintenance, delicate, beautiful, and versatile. You can choose from a variety of color options, as well as both odorless and sweet-smelling orchids

To care for your orchid, simply place it in a sunny window where it gets plenty of light. Most orchids prefer minimal watering, thriving on a single ice cube each week, as overwatering will cause root rot and kill your plant. If your orchid stops blooming, don’t write it off as dead! This sedentary period is a sign that your orchid needs to be repotted into something bigger and fertilized.


These tropical blooms resemble the crown of a pineapple because they’re a close relative to this sweet yellow fruit! Bromeliads come in a variety of colors, ranging from bright, tropical shades to deep, moody tones. This flowering indoor plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight, making it suitable for a north-facing window or a side table near a light source.

You don’t require any special processes or fertilizer to care for bromeliads. Keep them hydrated by setting the pot on a bed of water and stones and water weekly into the leaf cup at the base of the plant.

While these flowers only bloom once, they propagate easily, reproducing pups that you can repot and nourish. 

Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the few flowering plants highlighted in NASA’s clean air study. With waxy green leaves and delicate white petals, this flower symbolizes purity. It’s a low-maintenance plant that looks great in any room— as long as no pets are around to consume it. 

Peace lilies prefer to be kept in damp soil with consistent watering. Keep things low maintenance by using a gravity-fed watering bulb. Place this plant in diffused light rather than in a window. 


When looking at low-maintenance indoor plants, Hoyas often get overlooked. Sometimes called wax plants, the Hoya is known for its stunning vines and adorable star-shaped blooms. This plant features well on a side table or shelf.

To thrive, Hoyas require airy soil to keep the roots dry and oxygenated. Place them in indirect light, away from sunny windows. Water weekly in the summer months, allowing the soil to dry entirely between soakings. Hoyas go into a dormant period in the winter and only need water every two to three weeks. As this plant prefers humidity, place the pot on a tray of water and river stones to keep it happy.


Cyclamens are mistakenly thought to be high maintenance, when in fact, they just require a different kind of care. The main problem with keeping an indoor cyclamen alive is how you water it. This plant prefers to be watered from the bottom up to prevent rot. Put water in a shallow tray and set your cyclamen in for an hour every two weeks.

When your blooms die off, dig up the corn— a thick root stem— and replant it to start the growth all over again. 

African Violets

African violets have long been a favorite for home offices and poorly lit rooms due to their love of darker areas. These indoor flowers bloom almost constantly, in lovely shades of white, pink, and deep purple. The key to keeping African violets happy is to avoid getting water on the leaves in petals. Instead, lift the leaves and pour water under at the base or use the tray uptake method.

These lovely blooms prefer a consistent temperature. While they perform better with indirect light from a window, it’s important not to put them too close to the glass. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves, and temperature fluctuations will kill them.

If you’re looking for an indoor flowering plant that won’t require too much attention, you can’t go wrong with the six on this list. Choose something that suits your style and give it the TLC it needs to thrive.

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