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5 Ways To Get Your Date-Night Swagger On

Are you preparing for your first date in a long time and feeling as if you’ve lost your swagger? Are you insecure about your looks or conversational abilities? If so, you’ve come to the right place: the guide to getting your date night persona on in five easy steps.

1. Start Down Yonder

Whether or not things are going to get steamy tonight, you want to look your best where the sun doesn’t shine. Invest in a good pair of mens pouch underwear to keep your balls from sticking and to make your junk look its best. Pick a fun pattern from your favorite sport or beer brand, or choose a sophisticated single color. Once you feel confident down below, you’re ready to channel that energy to the rest of your body.

Date-Night Swagger

2. Get Your Game Suit On

Now that you’ve tied up your package and put a bow on it, it’s time to think about the rest of your body. Are you going to a casual date at a sports bar, or is this a formal event at the fanciest restaurant you’ve ever been to? Both are great options for a first date, but you have to sure you’re dressed for the right venue. Shirts and pants are necessities in either case, at least for the dinner part of the night. Doublecheck with your date whether you can wear that old flannel from the back of your drawer or the dress shirt you’ve forgotten to iron for years.

3. Brush Your Teeth

This step is the key to your success, but it’s one that most of your fellow date-goers overlook. When you lean forward to say something intelligent about your date’s job or to give her that first smooch on the cheek, you don’t want her to smell your menu for the week. Floss your teeth, brush for a full two minutes (three never hurt), and use an aggressive mouthwash just before you leave. Pack some breath mints in the car and your pocket in case you eat garlicky or spicy food. Now, you’re ready to open your mouth with confidence whenever it’s the right time. Another way to add a good smell is using an oil or body spray from This could help in many ways depending on what product you select. Either way you will smell good and your date will be happy.

4. Beware of Facial Hair

Take a long look in the mirror and assess your facial hair. Do you have a powerful beard that covers a weak jawline or a clean-shaven face that highlights your striking cheekbones? If not, consider giving your whiskers a trim or a complete shave so that your date isn’t put off by your personal hygiene habits. When in doubt about facial hair, give your mom, sister, or close female friend a video call and ask for their honest feedback. Remember, beards look nice on some people, but they’re not the secret to being manly.

5. Think About Conversation Topics

No matter how much swagger you have, women want to know that you can carry on an intelligent conversation. If you go into the restaurant, give your date a big kiss, and ask her to come back to your place, chances are you’ve ruined the rest of your night. Spend some time before your date thinking of topics to ask about to show you’re really interested in her:

  • Her job
  • Her family
  • Her hobbies
  • Her hometown
  • Her favorite movies
  • Her favorite food
  • Her dream vacation

Bringing up religion and politics is always a dicey move, but if you think you’re ready for that step, then go for it.

Going on a date for the first time in a while is nerve-wracking, but you’ve got no reason to stress. By following these five steps, you restore your swagger and get ready to wow your woman.