5 Tips for Reducing Your HVAC Costs
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5 Tips for Reducing Your HVAC Costs

With winter just around the corner, you’re probably already bracing yourself in preparation for the sky-high heating bills that usually come with it. However, while some increase is to be expected, there’s a lot you can do to keep your heating costs lower through the winter and all year round. The following are some great tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep the Thermostat Low

It may not seem as if a few degrees here or there would make that much of a difference in your bill, but they absolutely do, especially over time. During waking hours spent at home, keep your thermostat set as modestly as you can while still remaining comfortable. Setting it even lower when you’re sleeping or out of the house can help you save even more money.

2. Stay on Top of Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is something people know they should be staying on top of, but tend to skimp on regardless. However, it’s also one of the best ways to ensure your bill stays as reasonable as possible throughout the year, especially in the winters and summers when energy costs rise.  At a bare minimum, your HVAC system should be inspected and serviced by a professional once a year, but twice a year is ideal (once in the fall for heating and again in the spring for air conditioning). Staying on top of maintenance is also a lot easier if you have a home warranty plan in place. If you don’t have a warranty plan you can find plenty of different policies online by visiting websites such as:  https://homewarranty.firstam.com/homeowner/home-warranty/north-carolina

3. Seal Your Home Thoroughly

Even the smallest air leaks have more of an effect on your HVAC bill than you might think. They prevent your home from properly containing temperature-controlled air, forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it should to keep you comfortable and driving up your energy costs in the process. Make sure all the doors and windows to your home are closed and thoroughly sealed when running your heating or air conditioning. See to it that your home is adequately insulated as well.

4. Keep Windows Covered

Window coverings like blinds, drapes, and curtains don’t just protect the inside of your home from prying eyes. Heat passes freely through windows that aren’t covered, so keeping yours closed and covered at the right times can drastically reduce energy costs. Opening curtains to let in the direct winter sun on clear days lets you take advantage of free extra warmth courtesy of Mother Nature. Close them again at night to keep heat from being lost. Keeping your windows covered during hot summer days helps maintain cooler indoor temperatures as well.

5. Regularly Replace Filters

As with routine maintenance, people tend to forget about replacing their HVAC filters until there’s actually a problem, but they really shouldn’t. Replacing your filter once a month is among the best ways to ensure temperature-controlled air can flow unobstructed through your system. This not only keeps your system efficient but extends its overall life as well.

At the end of the day, even small changes to how you manage your home can go a long way toward keeping your energy bill low. How do you and your family work together to conserve energy and save money?

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