5 Things To Consider When Buying A Playpen
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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Playpen

Playpens are available in different varieties and forms. They come with features that you can choose from. Use a playpen to let your baby play inside while you are busy doing other works. They come in a variety of designs and dimensions. You can choose the model of playpen depending upon the size of your apartment and the times you want to take the playpen outdoors. A few playpens come with inserts of bassinets that make it convenient for the baby to take naps after playtime.

Tips for buying a playpen

1. Duration of use

Consider for how long you will be using the playpen before you buy one. They can also be used outdoors and when you travel in all the seasons as a few varieties of playpens are weatherproof. A playpen can be used to create a safer place for the baby to play in an enclosed area. You might have to stop using the playpen once the baby grows into a toddler.

2. Weight and height of the baby

Playpens come in a variety of designs. You can choose a playpen depending upon the weight of the baby. A playpen comes with just a wall build-up or with a flooring area. Choose the design of the playpen depending on the weight of the baby. A playpen that comes with the flooring has lower weight limit compared to the other designs of the playpen which can be used even when the baby grows into a toddler. Choose a playpen that is taller than the height of the baby. A playpen that has vertical bars is the best that can be used so that the baby can take the support of the playpen to stand up and play.

3. Material used for the playpen

Durability is utmost important feature to look at when it comes to buying a playpen. A few people also look at the aesthetics of the playpen that blends well with the interiors of their home. The wooden playpen is the most common variety that is bought for the child to play in. It is organic and poses no health hazards. There are also playpens that are made in metal as well as fabric that you can choose from.

4. Dimensions of the playpen

Playpens come in many dimensions and shapes. A rectangular shape of the playpen is the most used and is a common type of a playpen that is bought by the parents. Hexagonal as well as octogonal sizes of the playpens are present that you can choose from. Whatever be the dimensions of the playpen that you choose from, ensure that you choose one that has a lot of ventilation and requires lesser storage space.

5. Detachable items

A playpen that comes with a canopy, detachable lid, and wheels is easy to move and is portable. When you take a playpen with a canopy outdoors, it protects the baby from the sun and weather. A playpen that comes with a detachable lid locks the baby securely inside the playpen. Playpens come with wheels, choose a playpen that have these features as it makes it easier for you to move the playpen around.

6. Easy in cleaning

A playpen must be easy to clean. A playpen that can be cleaned easily boosts and protects the immune system of the baby. The baby will not inhale germs if the playpen is easy to clean. Babies have the habit of putting things in their mouth. If they lick the playpen that is easy to clean it will pose no hazard to their health. Choose models and designs of playpen that are easy to clean. Complex models of playpen are difficult to clean as they have hard to reach areas where the dust settles in.

7. Other features to look for in a playpen

If you have a budget that can fit in a playpen with extra features like the music, storage space for toys, bassinet attached, changeable table, rocking attachment, and more you can go for this model as it provides safety as well as entertainment for the baby to play. Playpens are not very expensive. You can choose a playpen that comes with many features depending on your budget. A few playpens have floors, napper changer, and combination playard and playpens.

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