5 Signs Your Little One Needs A Dental Check-up
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5 Signs Your Little One Needs A Dental Check-up

Taking a toddler for a dental check-up sounds daunting, and even an older child can be hard to handle. Missing out on routine checks sounds easy if they do not complain of any tooth woes. But it always makes sense to stay a step ahead of pediatric dental issues because bigger problems are challenging to treat. Most Canadian parents fail to realize that their children do not maintain dental hygiene properly. It is crucial to recognize early signs and get help before the problem aggravates. Think beyond the twice-a-year schedule, and take quick action when you notice something amiss. Here are the signs you shouldn’t overlook.


Toothache can get hard to bear, even more, for little ones. If your child complains about pain in their teeth, you must take them to the dentist right away. Give attention to factors such as degree and duration of pain and whether it is intermittent or constant. Ask them if something triggers the pain. Your dentist will have the same questions, so it gets easier to answer them if you have information at hand.


Kids and parents tend to take tooth sensitivity less seriously, but it is a warning bell. Sensitivity is often a response to specific foods and drinks, such as hot, cold, or sugary ones. It may be an initial sign of decay, and addressing it on time is crucial. It can save your child from painful treatments like extraction and root canal therapy. The good thing is that sensitivity can be treated only by changing your toothpaste. 

Bleeding gums

A more serious sign is bleeding gums because the sight of blood in your child’s mouth can make you panic. Bleeding and swollen gums can indicate something is wrong with the kid’s teeth. It is best to see an emergency dentist when you see these signs. Luckily, you can find one wherever you live in Canada. Look for an Edmonton Dentist who specializes in pediatric care and is available when you need help. They can treat your child to stop the bleeding immediately. 

Loose tooth

Losing a tooth or two is not a concern when your child still has temporary teeth. The problem is severe when an older kid loses a permanent tooth. It may happen due to an accident or disease, but the issue requires instant treatment. Preserve the tooth and take the child to the dentist right away. Timely action will enable the specialist to save and replace the tooth and restore the child’s smile. 

Bad breath

While bad breath is a common occurrence in adults, it could spell big trouble in children. Rich foods and caffeinated drinks often cause bad breath in adults. But the condition is not normal for little ones as they follow simpler diets. Act quickly if you notice the issue with your child. Consult a pediatric dentist to determine the cause and find the right treatment option. 

While you should be vigilant about these warning signs, do not miss the regular appointments as well. Your little one’s teeth are precious, and they deserve as much attention as you can give. 

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