5 Modern Kitchen Gadgets that Will Make Your Life Easy
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5 Modern Kitchen Gadgets that Will Make Your Life Easy

Gone are the days when one had the long hours to prepare meals. Gone are times where cooking a delicacy could take up to a day. If Julia Child had been in the 21st century, she would never have been able to take out time to cook her famous beef bourguignon, which is one time consuming dish to make. She probably would have thrown all the ingredients in a pressure cooker, timed it, and would have been done for the day. That is because like everything else, kitchens have been modernized to suit our fast paced lives. If kitchens have evolved, so have kitchen gadgets.

Here are a few modern kitchen gadgets that will make your life easy.

1. Fridge Camera

You heard it right. Ever been to the supermarket for groceries, only to find out that you needed eggs too once you looked into the fridge later? Happens to the best of us. Grocery is a tolling process, and also one where you tend to spend a lot inadvertently, so the more trips you make, the more money you will end up spending on top of the extra time wasted. This little device connects to your smartphone and sends you pictures of the insides of your fridge while you are at the supermarket, ensuring that you replenish your stocks efficiently.

2. Smart Soap Dispenser

If there was a nickel for every time your hands are dirty from cooking and you have to wash them, leaving food residue both on the soap dispenser and the faucet, this world would be rich. With automated faucets on the market which sense your hand under the tap and start themselves, it is only fair to have such a soap dispenser too. These sensing soap dispensers are smart enough that they detect the heat of your hands from their in-built thermal sensor and drop just the perfect amount of soap in it for you.


3. ButterUp

This one is especially important for those early mornings when you have no time for breakfast before work or class and the butter is hard as a rock and won’t cooperate. That annoying moment when the butter is so hard that your toast is covered with lumps of cold, hard butter. Not anymore, though. This kickstarter project by a bunch of students, ButterUp is the solution to all your cold butter issues. The little holes in the spreader cut through the hard butter and grate it into thin, pliable strings which are easy to use and spread on toast.

4. Instapot

For those with no time on their hands and the desire to cook a fuss-free meal, this is the perfect solution. There is a reason this modern kitchen gadget was the best-seller for 2 consecutive years on Amazon Prime Day, with people pining to get their hands on one.

What is an instapot? It’s a smart pressure cooker. With about 10 safety controls and several functions, this pot comes equipped with a thermostat and a timer so you don’t have to worry about burning your food ever again. Throw in the veggies and meat in there, ladle on some broth and you have yourself a perfectly cooked stew in minutes. But this is just one recipe. The internet is filled with recipe ideas and ways to use the Instapot.

5. Adjustable Rolling Pin

Ever have to bend over backwards trying to roll pie dough with a small, standard sized rolling pin? Forget going back and forth, one has to roll in every direction to get the dough to the point required. Not anymore, though. This adjustable rolling pin allows you to tweak with its length according to what you want and saves you on your cooking time and stress levels.

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