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5 Fun Learning Monthly Subscription Gift Ideas for Kids

The pandemic has changed many routines in our lives, including the way we educate our children. While they may not be able to socialize with friends like they used to, they do have plenty of free time inside the home. This sudden change of routine can become uncomfortable for them, which is why we need to fill their time with educational activities.

With uncertainty surrounding our schools’ reopenings, how do we ensure that our kids continue getting access to hands-on learning opportunities even if they can’t sit in a classroom? For one option, you can give your children the gift of learning with monthly educational subscriptions to help them cultivate new life skills and foster resilience for the long haul.

These boxes will keep them entertained and allow you to work in peace. Your kids will also get to read new books, conduct science experiments, explore more of the world, and become aspiring chefs. Here are some of the best types of learning monthly subscriptions the internet has to offer:


An early STEM education allows children to develop problem-solving skills and form opinions based on their own observations and explorations. Aside from exploring their own backyard or watching science shows, you can raise science-minded children by subscribing to a STEM learning kit like The Spangler Science Club .

This kit has been developed by America’s science teacher Steve Spangler. These subscription boxes make science fun and could even help to prepare your little ones for a career in STEM. Each box comes with toys, experiments, and hands-on activities. You can choose from a wide variety of science kits and select a specific topic in physics and chemistry.

Some experiments include making slime art, stacking layers of liquid, and creating a chain reaction out of popsicles. Your kids will go crazy while playing with their String Slime, Magic Sand, Geyser Tube, or Insta-Snow Powder!


Cooking together is a great way to spend family time. It boosts your children’s confidence, gives them a sense of accomplishment, and expands their palate. As they learn to prepare their own food, they may also be more likely to steer clear of less healthy, processed snacks.

You can start them out with fun, easy, and simple recipes such as pinwheel sandwiches, breakfast toasts, mug cakes, and fruit smoothies. Cooking subscriptions like Harlow’s Harvest make the process of learning how to cook easier.

Each kit has a focus on STEM, with lessons on geography, history, and budgeting as well. It contains 3 laminated recipes, a kitchen gadget designed for smaller hands, and an academy pin that they can put on their Harlow’s Harvest apron.

Arts & Crafts

Crafting helps your children unplug from their digital screens and encourages them to play and experiment in a fun, clean, and safe environment. Instead of planning what project to do during your next craft time and going out for a supply run, you can simply subscribe to We Craft Box .

Each craft kit comes with a themed story, craft supplies, and photo instructions that are easy for young learners to follow. It also contains 3 craft projects, and can be shared by two children aged 3-9 years old.


With most local libraries, camps, and playgrounds closed, now is the best time for your children to develop a strong reading habit. Reading will improve their vocabulary, increase their attention span, and develop their imagination. Inspire your reluctant reader to love books by reading them bedtime stories every night and signing up for a subscription to Bookroo .

Simply select a book club that’s appropriate for your child’s age. You can choose to receive 3 board books, 2 hardcover picture books, or 2 chapter books per month. Have kids of different ages? Don’t worry; you can alternate your subscription or sign up for a second box at a discounted price.


Travel may not be possible at the moment, but teaching geography to your children will help develop their appreciation for other cultures and allow them to connect to people from other countries. Help them explore the world from your home with Little Passports.

Each box includes toys, souvenirs, activity booklets, stickers, and photos. Choose from Early Explorers, World Edition, USA Edition, Science Junior, and Science Expeditions.