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5 Easy Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential for everyone. Sustaining a good night’s sleep can impact a person’s overall productivity and behavior around people. Getting 8 hours of sleep everyday is not enough, it must be quality sleep that leaves an impact on the personality. In an average household, women are responsible for carrying out almost all the tasks of the house. Ensuring all tasks are completed while maintaining a healthy lifestyle sometimes feels impossible!

Compromising on sleep leads to a lot of health concerns such as weight gain, weight loss, mental fatigue, physical stress, hair fall, chronic headaches, indigestion, among others. Sustaining a healthy sleep cycle may be difficult. But here are a few ways every day’s sleep can be improved to assure improved productivity and time management:

1. Choose the Right Pillow

Choosing the right pillow helps aid sleeping. As explained on vjpillow.com, there are different pillow types that can be used for different sleeping postures. Snuggle pillows, cozy pillows, bamboo pillows, Ultra slim pillows, etc. are a few examples to choose from. The best way to choose a pillow is by visiting a bedding and housing shop. Try all kinds of pillows before deciding which one suits your body posture best.

People with long necks are most likely to enjoy sleeping with slim pillows. But this varies from person to person and therefore must be experienced before deciding.

2. Use Scented Candles

Fragrances have a direct impact on the mood and sleeping patterns. When getting a massage in the spa, the ambiance always has scented candles and they must be present in your bedroom too. They offer a soothing and relaxing environment. You can be creative with the fragrances of fruits, flowers and even coffee if you’re a coffee person. Scented candles look amazing, give a romantic aura to the room and keep is smelling of your favorite things.

3. Keep the Skin Moisturized

Moisturization not only helps feel good but also hydrated and maintains the natural glow of skin. Treat yourself every night before going to bed by putting rubbing your favorite fruity moisturizer on your feet, arms, hands and face. In a few days, you will feel your skin becoming naturally soft and glowing. The variant in your lotion is where you can be experimental and fun!

4. Bathing Before Bed

Making a bubble bath calms down half the stress body is feeling. Prepare a bath before going to bed with your favorite bubble soap and stay inside the bath for at least 15 minutes. There is a feeling of getting the stress rinsed off with soap. This relaxed my back and not only relieves you of physical and mental fatigue, but also cleans the body of debris accumulated in skin.

Bathing before bed also gives your partner a pleasing and appealing feel. He falls in love with your scented body washes and is more comfortable sharing a bed with you. This in turn also releases his stress and you go to bed feeling happy.

5. Sleeping on the Right Side

The best position to sleep in is turned towards the right side. On the left, your heart might eventually go through a little stress. Sleeping straight has been researched to cause back pain in the long run. Sleeping on your stomach causes other health issues such as neck and back pain. Therefore, sleeping on the right side may turn out to be the best change in sleeping position you’ve done.

If turned towards the right side, you can keep your scented candles on the right side table. Not only will it be feasible to get up at night, if you want to go to the bathroom, but also keep you inhaling refreshing fragrances.