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5 Awesome Goody-Bag Treats That Aren’t Junk Food

An awesome birthday party for kids won’t be complete without goody bags. The goody bags are some of the most anticipated aspects of any birthday party especially if it’s for a child.

Many people just put in lots of junk food in a bag and call it done, but there are better and healthier options to put in goody bags that your young guests are guaranteed to love. From amazing surprises to useful items, here are awesome goody-bag treats that are not junk food to include in your kid’s next birthday party.

Vinyl Figures

Kids just love anything that’s related to their interests, especially vinyl figures of their favorite fictional characters. If you can find out what your kid and their friends are into these days, you can get Pop! Vinyl Figures of the characters they love.

It would be easier to decide what figures to put in the bags if you have a theme. For a Stranger Things theme party, you can include Pop! figures of the main characters, Eleven, Will, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Max. Expect lots of happy squeals when the kids open their goody bags.


Most of your party guests will likely be school-age children, so stationery is an appropriate treat to include in your goody bags. But it’s not just because stationery is practical that it makes a good giveaway-bag inclusion.

Kids just love having more pencils, crayons, notebooks, stickers, chalks, and all sorts of stationery. It’s because having stationery, especially the special ones, is relevant to their age. If you’ve got cool stationery, then you can be considered part of the cool kids.

Personalize Towels

Practical and fun, personalized towels are perfect treats for goody bags. Kids are fascinated by anything that looks special to them, and a towel (actually, any item) with their name on it is bound to catch their attention. Of course, giving out personalized towels would entail lots of preparation on your part.

First, you need to get a list of your guests and their names to make sure you don’t forget anyone. You also need to find a local store that will make personalized towels. This can take a lot of time, so you should start preparing a month or several weeks before the party to get everything done on time. You can also make DIY personalized towels if want to save money and have ample time.

Wearable Merchandise

Merchandise, or merch, here means items that are related to a fandom, such as accessories, clothing, figures, gifts, and collectible items from TV shows, films, and artists. If you’ve already decided to include vinyl figures in the goody bags, you may as well include wearable merch from the same show. It can be a wristband, a tee, a cap, or any apparel that kids can wear.


A book is one of the best gifts you can give to a child. It can give them momentary entertainment and happiness, or it can spark something in them that can stay forever. So why not be the person to give this gift to your young guests?

Put a lot of thought in choosing the storybook to include in your goody bags. Don’t know where to start? Check out Time magazine’s “The 100 Best Children’s Books of All Time.” Or you can go to your favorite children’s book publisher or author and browse through their new collection. You can also ask other parents and children’s books enthusiasts for recommendations.

Wrapping Up

The best gifts are not always the best most expensive and fanciest items. If the receiver loves the gift you give, then that’s considered a job well done. In choosing the treats to put in your goody bags, the most important thing to consider is what will make your little guests happy. When you’ve got that figured out, you’re sure to have the perfect goody bags for every one of them.