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4 Tips to Naturally Relieving Stress

In this day and age there are many things that one must keep track of or attend to on a daily basis. It seems that people are worker harder with less resources and for less pay which can induce stress and resentment towards employers. It is because of the lack of pay and the abundance of work that causes people to be stressed and feel a source of resentment for the work that they complete on a regular basis. Many tend to turn towards substances as a way to cope with stress while others look for healthier ways to relieve unwanted stress. This article will provide some tips on how to naturally relieve stress without resorting to the use of substances to cope.

  1. Use supplements. Supplements are like vitamins. They are packed full of natural ingredients that are helpful to your mind and body. Some of the greatest supplements are made of all natural ingredients such as canabidol and can provide many healing properties like their unnatural counterparts. Many choose to try out a potentially harmful prescription before natural remedies as it is typically recommended by doctor to do so.



  • Running or fitness training. Natural endorphins are released when you work out. Not to mention, by physically using your body to train and be active, you are helping your muscles and organs strengthen and be used. Another reason that training is so great for your body is that it releases natural dopamine and serotonin to the brain which provides a sensation of happiness. These positive sensations can naturally reduce the stress that you feel in your neck, shoulders, and body.




  • Swimming. Swimming is relaxing as the cool, water, flowing around your body gives off a sensation of tranquility, calmness, and freedom from the bounds of land-based activity. Swimming can also naturally relieve stress by offering the release of dopamine into the brain as well as serotonin. These natural secretions are prone to helping one feel more calm and less stressed. Whether you take a dip in the pool with your kids and family members or you attend a water aerobics class or just wade around by yourself, it is highly likely that you will experience a calmness and sense of happiness upon completion.




  • Journaling. Sometimes it is possible for stress to be induced without us even knowing it. There may even be times that you are stressed or anxious but you are unsure as to why. Journaling is a way to write down what it is you are feeling and in the process reflect on these feelings and where they are coming from. Self-reflection, while scary at times depending on the topic of your writing and what comes up while you are writing, is quite therapeutic and empowering. No other natural stress-reducing remedy can assist in figuring out the root cause of a problem and determining potential solutions for a positive outcome.



Whether you choose to utilize supplements, physical activity, or writing as an outlet to relieve stress, there are many options to experiment with to see what will work best for you.