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4 Tips For Dressing Your Baby

You want your baby to look his or her best when you’re out and about. From cute rompers to adorable pantsuits, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from while deciding on your baby’s style. Of course, it’s still important to dress your little one safely and to ensure that he or she is comfortable. Use these tips for dressing your baby to ensure you’re following all the rules of fashion while keeping your little one secure.

1. Use Support When Dressing Your Baby

When choosing your little one’s Little Green Radicals baby clothing for the day, it’s important to provide enough support when dressing him or her, especially if your baby is still a newborn. Place your baby on your lap while dressing him or her and carefully pull the neckline of your baby’s outfit over the head. You can use your fingers to ensure the material doesn’t catch anywhere on your baby’s ears or face. Instead of pushing your baby’s arms through the sleeves, reach your own hand in through the outside and carefully pull your baby’s arm through the hole.

2. Keep the Outfits Simple

Think about the activities you’ll be doing throughout the day, such as feeding your baby, changing his or her diaper, or having a playdate with other children of similar ages. Babies make messes. You’ll probably need to change him or her a few times throughout the day, so be sure the outfit is simple. Avoid too many layers, bows, or other frilly items that can get in the way of changing or playtime. If your baby’s outfits do have buttons, ensure they are front fasteners. This will make it easier to care for your little one throughout the day.

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3. Avoid Overspending

Your baby is going to grow out of his or her outfits quite fast, so it’s best to avoid spending too much money on outfits in the first year or two, especially if they aren’t for special occasions. Avoid overbuying, especially in one size. When it comes to basics, such as onesies or socks, choose neutral colors and buy them in bulk. If you can, do so in different sizes to ensure you don’t need to buy more just a couple of months down the line.

4. Dress Your Baby For the Season

To keep him or her safe and comfortable, it is very important to dress your baby appropriately for the season and the weather outside. When temperatures are under 75 degrees, dress him or her in an undershirt, diaper, pants and a t-shirt, and a blanket for layers. When the weather is hotter, a single layer is more appropriate. Keep in mind that premature babies may still need additional clothing layers, even in warmer temperatures.

Finding the right fashion for your baby is always a fun time, but it’s important to be responsible when doing so. By dressing your little one for the season, thinking ahead for the day’s activities, and purchasing clothing in a variety of sizes, you are more likely to have fun with your baby and his or her fashion choices.