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4 Tips for Clearing the Clutter and Removing the Rubbish

Let’s face it; nobody likes a dirty, disorganized environment. It invites unhappiness, uncleanliness, and if left to fester for too long: pests and diseases. You may not be at the stage where people are calling you a hoarder, but if you are noticing flies, spiders, ants, and grosser bugs then it’s time to call in a pest control service like and then clean like never before.
People generally appreciate the tranquility that comes with being in a pristine space, especially if the space is your home. Do you find it hard to dedicate several hours to clean and easily get overwhelmed at the load of work that has to be done even before starting?

The good news is that there are few tricks you can master to keep your home cleaned and make rubbish removal.

Clean as you Cook

Do not be overwhelmed by the idea of multitasking, because nothing is as exhilarating as the thought of leaving your kitchen cleaner than it was before you set out to prepare your meal.

First, prepare a soak with warm water and a few drops of dish washing soap in the sink. Drop any used utensils (except for knives because they can be dangerous) in this soak and retrieve them when needed again. Just give them a quick rinse with clean water.

You will also find it useful to have a garbage bowl on the countertop. Drop all your peels and trimmings here for easy rubbish removal.

Clear out your Wardrobe and Drawers

Drop your clothes into 3 separate piles as you remove them from your wardrobe.

Pile A:

Place worn-out items here. Think of your old bras with the underwire sticking out, misshapen t-shirts, and pants full of holes. Put this bundle in a garbage bag and straight away in readiness for rubbish removal.

Pile B:

Place all clothes that no longer fit or reflect your personality into this heap. Donate this bunch to charity.

Pile C:

Keep whatever fits and articulates your current personality in this bundle. Ensure that they are pieces that you actually wear or have worn in the past 6 months. Organize them in the wardrobe and drawer in an easy-to-find way such as by color, going from light to dark.

Fill a Trash Bag

If you want to get rid of clutter quickly, grab a trash bag and go through the house, including the garage, picking up any item that is not in use. Do not stop until the trash bag is full. Think of broken things you know that won’t repair, such as picture frames. If they are the items that you consider to be of sentimental value, take pictures of them first. You can always remember them by looking at their pictures instead of having them. This is a quick rubbish removal technique.

Sort your Paper

Get 3 boxes and sift through your pile of papers to separate them accordingly.

To shred box:

Place any paper you don’t need anymore, but contains sensitive information (like your bank account details) here. Shred or tear them up immediately.

To file box: Put paper you need to keep, like your lease agreement, here.

To recycle: Any other paper, like old catalogues, go here.

And don’t forget…

Bin liners make for breezy rubbish removal once full. Line your bins folks!