4 Things To Have On Hand When Your Little One Is Sick
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4 Things To Have On Hand When Your Little One Is Sick

It’s hard enough when you feel under the weather, but when a bug takes toddlers down, it can be hard to watch. Those little bodies are so fragile (and usually full of energy) that seeing them sleepy and out-of-sorts is difficult to manage. However, those bundles of love and craziness can usually bounce back pretty quickly if they have the right support and care. Here are four things you can do to keep them comfortable as their bodies heal.


During a nasty cold or virus, the sinuses become congested fairly quickly, making breathing very difficult. As adults, we know to blow our nose; however, most three-year-olds still struggle with this concept. Instead, that snot stays up in the nose, blocking airways and creating significant sinus pressure. Alleviate that as much as possible. Many products are on the market, so speak with doctors about the best option. A common one though is the use of saline sprays. Many are designed to be gentle for kids. The salt helps thin and loosen the mucus, allowing the mucus to flow more.

Fever Reducers

The body fights infection. As a response, people (even children) get a fever. While scary, you can speak with a physician about the temperature, seeking advice on when to seek aid. In the meantime, keeping kids comfortable remains a priority. Thermometers today allow for constant, non-invasive monitoring. Parents should frequently check, noting any ups and downs. Use a fever reducer such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen with a doctor’s order. This may encourage sleep and decrease any tantrums.

Frozen Pops

Sugar isn’t great for a cold, but fluids are, and it’s often far simpler to offer a treat than continue to force water. Therefore, keep some frozen treats in the freezer, giving them out throughout the day. This can help a sore throat, hydrate and bring a smile. Several companies sell ice pops that include electrolytes, allowing you to sneak in some additional benefits too. Check with the pharmacy.


It may seem like an old wives’ tale, but chicken soup really is good for the soul and body. The broth is full of wholesome nutrients, and it’s easy to digest. You can use a can from the store, but the best benefit comes from something homemade. Simply boil the chicken with some water and veggies. Then, use that broth to make some soup.

In time, that bundle of excitement should hopefully be bouncing off the walls again. In the meantime, remember patience, love and care.

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