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4 Simple Marriage Tips

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to making a marriage work. However, there really are just a few surefire things that truly matter. To assist you with making the most of a marriage and to continue to strengthen and improve your relationship, we have put together a few critical tips for marriage. These tips are both simple and effective and when followed, should give you a good chance at making good on the ‘til death do us part’ vow.

Substance Abuse

In just a few words, stay away from it. Addiction not only harms you, but it also harms everyone who loves you. It seems to be growing too, if you look at addiction rates in Orange County, for example. The thing is, when you have a substance abuse problem, you tend to focus on that as opposed to on anything else, including your marriage. You are also physically harming yourself, which causes stress and worry in your partner. If you truly value your marriage and your partner, you will get help as soon as possible.

Substance abuse is just one of the many reasons that marriages fail. Don’t let yours become a statistic.

Mutual Respect

This might seem to be a bit unromantic, but if you have respect for each other, it can greatly benefit your relationship. This means that you need to make an effort to not take your partner for granted or simply expect things of them without giving them the benefit of asking them or having a discussion regarding the defining of roles. A great relationship will rely on teamwork as well as on equally sharing the responsibilities as opposed to leaving everything in the hands of one person. Mutual respect means that you appreciate each other, and you show that appreciation by acknowledging and thanking your partner when they do something for you.


You need to accept the person you married. There is little to no chance that when you settle them into your dream home that they will magically transform into the person you always longed for. As the say goes, you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. If you want your marriage to be successful, you need to accept your partner, along with all of their perceived flaws. If you love them enough to marry them, you need to love them for who they are right now, not for what you hope they might someday become. Marry for nothing but love or you will risk being disappointed in the long run, not to mention having to deal with potential heartache and unnecessary arguments


This one is more than likely the most critical tip on this list and it needs to be taken seriously. Yes, we all want to always be right, but if you are the type of person who always needs to have the last word and to turn each argument into a fight, this can easily destroy a marriage. Compromising means that you will need to come to a solution that is mutually agreed upon.

Of course, there are countless other tips that can be given to make a marriage work, but if you start with these, you will be well on your way to a happy and healthy marriage.