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4 Reasons to Use Toes Spacers When Running

Toe spacers are a running lifesaver — read on to find out why

If you’re a runner, then you know that having strong and healthy feet is essential to your success. One way to improve the health of your feet is by using toe spacers. Toe spacers are inserts that you can put between your toes to create more space and relieve discomfort. They also provide a more stable foundation for your feet, which enhances balance and dexterity and makes your feet stronger. In this blog post, we will discuss four reasons why every runner should use toe spacers!

Reason #1: They Relieve Discomfort and Irritation

Running can cause both long-term and short-term discomfort and irritation in your feet. No matter what kind of shoes you wear, your feet will start hurting after enough miles, and, in the long-term, you may develop problems like blisters, neuromas, or bunions.

Toe spacers ensure that your toes stay spread apart, whether you’re wearing shoes or going barefoot. This can relieve irritations caused by toes rubbing up against each other and creating friction, whether due to natural movement or too-tight shoes. Over the course of a marathon or a several-mile run, silicone toe spacers can seriously help to reduce and soothe irritation and inflammation in your toes and feet.

Reason #2: They Give Your Body a More Stable Foundation

Your feet are the foundation upon which the rest of your body is based. Even though it may seem small or insignificant, minor problems with misalignment and improper posture in your feet can result in pain, discomfort, inflammation, and long-term problems with your legs, hips, back, and the rest of your body.

So what do toe spacers do to help this? Well, by forcing your toes to stay in their natural position, they enforce proper alignment of your feet, which helps proper alignment in the rest of your body as well. By ensuring that your feet are in the correct position every time they hit the ground, toe spacers support proper foot health and reduce the chance of developing issues like shin splints or collapsed arches.

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Reason #3: They Enhance Your Balance and Dexterity

When your feet are properly aligned with toe spacers, the benefits are more far-reaching than simply reducing or preventing pain. Because toe spacers stretch out your toes and prevent them from curling up or resting in strange positions inside your shoe, they promote blood flow and stretch your ligaments and muscles.

This means that your balance and proprioception (your ability to know where your body is in space) are both enhanced. In addition, because your toes are more evenly spaced and aren’t hitting any pressure points, your balance will improve, and your feet will be better able to grip the ground and maintain stability when running on uneven terrain or in adverse weather conditions.

Reason #4: They Make Your Feet Stronger

Between stretching out your toes and helping your feet stay in proper alignment, toe spacers work to make your feet stronger, more resilient, and better able to support themselves. While immediate positive effects of pain and pressure relief and increased balance may be noticed immediately, toe spacers really shine when they’re used over long periods of time.

The consistent stretching and realignment that toe spacers provide help to reverse the effects of years of poor posture and misalignment. This can take months or even years, but if you’re committed to running and taking care of your feet, silicone toe spacers will gradually make your feet stronger, healthier, and better able to support your body during long runs.


Although these are some of the biggest reasons to use silicone toe spacers when running, there are plenty more! Whether you’re looking for pain relief, want to improve your posture and balance, or just want to make your feet stronger, toe spacers can help improve your health and performance.