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4 Reasons To Start Volunteering

Why volunteer to share your time and efforts without compensation? Sharing your time, talents and gifts for a good cause gives you incredible rewards. The satisfaction that comes from helping someone else brings positivity to your personal and professional life, all while you help build a better world.

There are plenty of examples of people who volunteer their time. For instance, Daniel Keller of Naples Florida is a recognized investor who shares his time through volunteering. He is one of many business owners who dedicate time to helping others without remuneration.

No matter who you are or your social or economic situation, you are needed in the world. Many people feel they don’t have anything to offer, but your time and love are invaluable for those needing your help. Here are four reasons you should start volunteering today.

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1. Gain Experience and Knowledge

Volunteering can give you the experience you do not currently have or can be an opportunity for you to use your strengths, experience and expertise to help others. In addition, it’s a great way to learn about yourself and others.

You can learn how to deal with people with diverse origins and backgrounds. You’ll never be able to learn from a textbook or internet article how to love and care about people, but when you volunteer, that is one of the things you will learn to do.

Many volunteers even sign up for projects they know nothing about, like building houses for the poor. However, they quickly learn the basics of framing and finishing a house and can use that knowledge for the rest of their lives.

2. New and Better Friends

At some point in life, you will have fewer real friends than you thought or hoped. It’s just a natural part of life. After high school, you move away to college, and then you may move away for a career. You change, and people change, and you may find yourself without many friends. Or, your friends may go down a path you don’t want to.

Volunteering will help you to find new friends. You’ll share the unique volunteering experience and create a bond that will enrich both of your lives.

People overcoming addictions or wanting a different perspective on life will find that working with other good people toward a common goal can make all the difference.

3. Increase Self-esteem

If you are having a hard time understanding yourself or striving to overcome a trauma or tragedy, volunteering may help you to get to know yourself. New situations can help you to develop talents and gifts. Forgetting for a couple of hours or even days about your problems and seeing how you can help others to overcome theirs will give you confidence in your ability to contribute to society.

4. Save and Change Lives

Don’t forget that volunteering is about others. You will work with people who may be on a different journey than you. You have the opportunity to help them in a way that could change their life. Nobody knows how soup, a warm bed, clothes or smiling can help someone. Every small act of love and care does make a difference.