Parenting · February 15, 2021 0

4 Parent-Friendly Date Ideas

Keeping the romance going when you’re tired and busy parents is often a bit of a challenge – it might just be the last thing on your mind! When you’re both spending the vast majority of your time juggling commitments between raising your family, work, and keeping your home in order, the spark between the two of you might seem to have dimmed a little. However, just because you have all the responsibilities of parents, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a bit of magic in your life, so read on for some great ideas that you can put into action.

Plan dates at unusual time

While in your child-free days, dates might have started after sunset and gone long into the night, when you have to keep an eye on bedtime and an early start for work the next day, this can seem like an impossibility. Instead, switch to times that actually work for you, even if they seem less conventional. A late morning coffee date, a romantic lunch, or even a sunny afternoon walk can be a wonderful way to reconnect without disrupting your family schedule. The change from your normal routine can even add a fun touch of novelty, making it a special occasion to look forward to.

Take time away to yourselves

Spending time away from your family can often be emotionally difficult, especially when your children are young, but it can also provide a much-needed respite and a chance to appreciate each other’s company again. If you have family or friends that are willing and eager to provide childcare for a few days, it’s well worth taking them up on it – whether it’s for a sunny getaway to Outrigger Fiji resorts to mark a special occasion or a simple hotel break close to home. You’ll thank yourselves for it afterwards.

Head for a romantic drive

It’s hard to beat the romance of the open road, especially as you drive along with beautiful scenery with your favorite tunes playing. This can also be a great way to organize a simple date that can even be child-friendly, especially for younger kids. You might want to coordinate nap-time with a leisurely drive and plan a special playlist just for the occasion while you both enjoy a break from the everyday routine.

Have a dedicated movie night

Kicking back with a movie or TV show and some snacks might seem a little humdrum, but it can be a great way to enjoy some cozy comfort and spend valuable time together, without the pressure of having to make special arrangements to go out or worrying about timing. You may want to dedicate a regular night every week where you alternate choosing a movie to enjoy together and settle down after the kids have gone to bed. Taking turns to choose the entertainment for the evening is a great way of adding a simple element of surprise, which can make the date night even more enjoyable.