4 Fun Things You & Your Preschooler Can Do During Lockdown
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4 Fun Things You & Your Preschooler Can Do During Lockdown

Lockdown has taken you out of the office and forced you to spend more time at home. For some people, this might be a bad thing – such as, if you’re living on your own. 

But for people with a young child, it’s a great opportunity to have some fun with your son or daughter. With that thought in mind, I’ve listed four fun activities you can do with your preschooler, each one will put a smile on their face and teach team some valuable life lessons. 

Play in an educational way

Lockdown has shut the schools, closed the colleges, and forced universities to run online seminars. But while those in full-time education have lost the chance to have a proper education, quarantine is an opportunity to enhance your preschooler’s learning. 

This is because you can spend more time with them and gives you the chance to play some educational games with them. 

The monthly learning boxes you get from https://sagominibox.com/ are a great example of this. These resources come packed with fun activities that teach your pre-schooler new skills through the medium of play. 

You get a selection of different packs, from planes to fairy tales, and each one has enough fun bits and pieces to keep your little ones entertained for hours while also enhancing their cognitive skills. 

Have fun with finger painting 

You probably have fond memories of finger painting – it may even have been the first step you took on your way to developing a lifelong love of art and getting creative. 

Whatever your memory of finger painting is, you can make it a present-day fun activity for your child that allows them to thrash about while enhancing their sensory development. 

Some of the things that finger painting develops include smell, sight, and touch – if you opt for edible finger paints it even lets your pre-schooler evolve their sense of taste. 

Your little one will have plenty of fun getting covered in paint. And the great thing for you is that you’ll have a piece of artwork to proudly show off when having facetime with your parents.  

Zoom call with Granny & Grandpa 

Language is so important to preschoolers – they’re at the stage where burps are turning into words and words are evolving into sentences. 

They need some help with this and having a Zoom call with Granny and Gramps is a fun way of doing precisely that. 

Part of the fun for your child is seeing their grandparents: every kid of preschool age enjoys seeing a familiar, friendly face. 

But there’s a more longterm benefit to this activity, it also helps their brains to develop, giving them stronger social skills to use when they reach school age. 

Get crafty with salt dough 

Salt dough is something that brings fond memories for many people: creating jewellery, homemade gifts, or working out that you can’t eat everything that comes out of the oven! 

Not only is it a fun and varied craft for your preschooler – you and they get to mix ingredients, bake, and decorate – it’s a chance for them to create something memories. 

Christmas decorations are the best way to get crafty with salt dough. 

The reason for this is that you and your preschooler can create something that you use on your own Christmas, or hang on a relative’s – either way, it’s an item that could be passed down the generations. 

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Playing in an educational way, having fun with finger painting, holding a Zoom call with Granny and Grandpa, and getting crafty with salt dough are just some of the fun things you and your preschooler can do during lockdown. 

Some of the other things you could do include, gardening, talking a walk, and baking. 

Whatever you choose, use it as an opportunity to both have some fun and to teach your preschooler some valuable life lessons. 

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