4 Cool Game Ideas for Family Night
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4 Cool Game Ideas for Family Night

There are many places where you can hang around with your family and have fun. However, sometimes you just want to stay at home and relax. You can play some games and enjoy the moment with your family. Here are game ideas that you can play for fun with family members:

  1.    Card Games

There are various types of card games. I stumbled upon more than 50 fun games for kids, and as a person who is more into card games, these options proved quite handy as I ended up loving the games as much as the kids did; a balance that is quite hard to achieve. You can play the War game where players try to take possession of all the cards. Whoever has the highest number of cards is the winner.

There is also the Crazy Eights game. Here, the players start with eight cards each. The other cards are placed facing down, but the one on top should face up. The players should discard the card that matches the one facing up in turns. The first person to play all their cards matching the one facing up is the winner. There are other card games such as Go Fish or the Uno.

  1. Classic Games

These games include charades where you form teams. One person from each team will recite or act out a movie or a book. The other team will try to guess which book or movie from which the act has been sourced.

There is the Hangman. The leader chooses a word or a phrase and leaves blanks. The players try to fill in the blanks. The wrong words or letters they suggest are placed in a ‘no’ column. The leader draws a mock-up body part of the one who got it wrong to slowly illustrate the act of being ‘hanged’ as a punishment for guessing wrong. One body part is drawn at a time. The person who guesses wrong gets his or her illustrated hangman image drawn first and loses the game.

Pictionary is another classic game. This game requires you to draw something, and the people will try to guess what you intend to draw before you finish. This game is more fun if you are not a good drawer.

  1.    Free Games.

These are the games that do not require one purchasing components to play. The alphabet game is an excellent free game. Here, you choose a topic that you like. You can choose a topic about animals, movies, or people. You start coming up with names of animals from letter ‘A.’ The person who mentions correct unique names fast wins. You can also play basketball. You just roll up socks to make a makeshift ball and try shooting into the wastebasket. The person with the most points wins.

  1. Game Night Rotation

This involves changing the routine. You can break from card games to classic or free games. You can try baking or the dancing game. You can play the Musical Pillows if you already have some music on your phone, TV or any available source. Form a circle using pillows. Have the kids dance around the circle and when the music stops they run to the nearest pillow and sit. The one who is not able to do so loses. These games are exciting to play. They give you a chance to relax, catch up, and have fun with your family.

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