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3Below is A Must See

If you are looking for a fun new series to enjoy as a family then I would highly recommend that you check out 3Below: Tales of Arcardia on Netflix. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

This show is about 3 aliens from Akiridain who find themselves in danger and decide to flee to Earth. The three Aliens must disguise themselves to fit in on Earth until it’s safe for them to return home. The three Aliens consist of Prince Krel, Princess Aja and their bodyguard Commander Varvatos Vex. The three end up being disguised as a girl, a latino boy and a senior citizen. Then there is the Mother ship which is damaged and when it lands on earth it turns itself into the form of a 1950s suburban home so that it can blend in also until it can fully repair itself. We find that Varvatos Vex as a Senior Citizen is extremely hilarious and you often find him still talking like an alien which makes him seem like a very grumpy old man. While they are Earth waiting for the ship repair to be complete, they must learn how to fit in and act like normal humans while also being able to evade the evil bounty hunters that have been sent to capture them.

It is so fun to watch the two aliens enter high school and try to fit in since they are aliens and not humans. This is a great fun family show. We decided to check it out during our Family TV time and the kids really enjoyed watching it, and I’m sure we will definitely be catching more of this show as it progresses on netflix. So if you are looking for some good, clean and interesting entertainment then I would recommend you give this show a try. It really is very interesting and has a lot of things going on to keep you attention.

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