3 Ways to Prep Your Home Before Your Parents’ Impending Visit
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3 Ways to Prep Your Home Before Your Parents’ Impending Visit

Your parents just scheduled a trip to visit you. But as excited as you are to see them, you also know that in order to make the best of their visit and avoid any nagging or lectures, you need to do a little prep work around the house. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to get started.

1. Make Any Necessary Safety Updates

Want to avoid your worrywart-mom’s safety lectures? Then start by making a few updates around the house before your parents’ arrival.

For example, install baby-proofing hardware on all your cabinets to prevent your young ones from getting close to any cleaning products, breakables and anything else that could spell trouble. Likewise, you can install baby gates near any stairs. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter if your baby isn’t rolling over yet, as you know your mom will nag you about it incessantly if you don’t act.

To really ensure remains secure, add to or update your home security by installing a new security camera system. A few strategically placed security cameras around the perimeter of your home can thwart criminals, convincing them to move on to an easier target.

But for the bold crooks still willing to try, you can help the police more easily catch them by having it all caught on ultra-high-definition footage with state-of-the-art security cameras that can record in crisp night vision, which can help put your mom’s mind at ease.

And don’t forget to get out that playpen your parents bought over the holidays. If you don’t, you’ll surely hear about how there isn’t a safe place to set down the baby.

2. Finish Home Improvement Projects

When you have kids, it’s all-too easy for projects around the house to get overlooked. Who has time to hang pictures or update light fixtures when your days are consumed juggling work, cooking, kids’ schoolwork, baths and bedtime routines?

Use your parents impending visit as an opportunity to tackle any projects around the house you have been putting off. For example, a week or two before their arrival, send the kids to a friend’s or family member’s house for the day and knock as much as you can off your home improvement to-do list.

If you have any bigger projects that require hiring professionals, schedule those in advance so there will be plenty of time to get them completed. Allow a buffer of three to four weeks between expected completion and your parents’ arrival for any unexpected delays.

3.Create a Welcoming Guest Room

It’s easy to forget about the details in your guest room. After all, you never use the room yourself. But by spending some time in there and really thinking through the details you appreciate in a guest room, you can make it a welcoming space to relax during your parents’ stay.

A few weeks before your guests arrive, spend the night in your guest room. Treat it as your own room for the night so you can identify anything that needs to be improved. In fact, you might want to ask yourself the following:

  • Is there a place for luggage storage?
  • Do you have enough closet space and drawers for guests to unpack their clothes?
  • Is the mattress comfortable and should the pillows be replaced?
  • Is there a place to plug in your phone charger within reach of the bed?
  • Is the lighting too bright at night?

All these issues have quick fixes. And with the addition of a mattress topper, new pillows, an extension cord and a bedside lamp or dimmer switch, your guest room will be instantly more accommodating.

Additionally, be sure to also have a fresh set of guest towels in an easy-to-find spot for your parents to use during their stay. You’ll also want to provide some basic toiletries in case your parents forget anything. Some things to consider are toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a hairbrush, blow dryer, dental floss and a disposable razor.

Make Your House a Home for Your Guests

By taking the time to make safety updates around the house, finish home improvement projects, and create a welcoming guest room, you can help ensure a smooth visit. By doing this preparation before the arrival of any visitors, you can ultimately spend more time enjoying each other’s company during their visit.

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  1. Baby-proofing hardware aren’t bad for my little kids, my mom won’t win next time she comes visiting. Especially baby gates, she doesn’t want to see the kids fall. Thanks for this.

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