3 Tricks for Keeping a Child’s Playroom Mess
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3 Tricks for Keeping a Child’s Playroom Mess

Having a playroom can be a godsend. All the toys shut away when the kids have gone to bed, rather than littering the floor for unsuspecting adults to trip over. However, they can also be a blessing in disguise. Some of you may recognize the following scenario. No matter how hard you encourage them to keep the room tidy, it always seems to be a mess. Admittedly it is their space, so there is a school of thought that considers it up to them how they use it and keep it in order. On the flip side, keeping a space tidy is a good life lesson for them to learn. It will stand them in good stead for the future and let’s be honest, also save you from stressing every time you pop your head in the door. Here are some tips to help you get them organized.

Different Areas for Activities

What do your children do in their playroom? Is it used for painting, puzzles, TV, computer, Play-Doh, singing, dancing, or imaginative play? It’s likely there are several different activities your children enjoy. Consider creating a separate area for each one. If there’s not quite enough space, you can group similar ones together. For example, a craft area, an imaginative play area, quiet games such as jigsaws and reading and an area where they can watch TV and use the computer.


The Three S’s – Storage, Storage, Storage

Having the right kind of storage will be an important element in keeping the room tidy. There are hundreds of different storage ideas you can use. Buy something that is ready made or let your imagination do the creating. Whatever style you choose, consider the following factors:

  • Will everything fit in it?
  • Would you prefer things to be stored out of sight?
  • Is an area needed which is out of reach?
  • Can your children move the storage?

You can maximize the space by choosing furniture items that have storage built in. The advantage of this is that it leaves more floor space for your children’s games. However, extra floor space will mean you need to pay close attention to the cleaning of your carpets. Paint stains, Play-Doh rubbed in, food and drink spills, will soon mar its appearance. For stubborn stains, you’ll need to call in the experts. My Technicare can help with your carpet cleaning needs.


Make it a Child-Friendly Space

Your kids will enjoy having their own space. However, it does need to be easy for them to keep tidy. Storage should be accessible, and the furniture should be the right size for them. Organizing the room in the right way will encourage them to put toys away when they’ve finished and nurture their independence.


One final point worth mentioning is to think about the future and make the room adaptable. They won’t want to play with Play-Doh for too many years. All too quickly their downtime will be taken up with computer games and TV. There will also come a time when homework becomes a necessary part of their daily routine. Your children will grow up quicker than you realize, and you need to bear in mind their future needs.




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