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3 Reasons for Constructing a New Roof Sooner Rather Than Later

Opting to change your roof is a big decision, but one that can be talked through with a roofing company such as K&D Roofing, with whom you can contact online. This is how most processes start these days. We will find a suitable contactor online and then proceed to receiving an estimate, having designs drawn up for us, and then seeing a new roof constructed before our very eyes. 

It is good to know that you have placed such a major project in the hands of professional roofers and have not attempted to carry out the work yourself. You can, of course, obtain the materials, although not at the same competitive rates roofing constructors can. But there is the dangerous element of doing the job yourself and the skill levels required to achieve satisfaction.

So, what are the reasons for constructing a new roof rather than just continuing to maintain an old one? Let us think about them.

Continued Protection

A roof that constantly leaks is a bugbear and something that often needs a more permanent solution beyond maintenance. This peace of mind will be offered by a professional roofing contractor who can talk to you about your options. You are protecting your sanity as much as your contents.

A leaking roof can cause damage that results in an even greater repair bill, so it pays to start the protection of your contents sooner rather than later. Of course, you can ensure that you do not put anything close to the leak, other than a bucket, but once there is the damage it will quickly spread. It is, however, a good excuse for a roof replacement having left it. So, there is a positive side to the oversight.

Curb and Inside Appeal

If we want our home to look good, then we will go for a new roof. The shape of our roof will be all-important to its curb appeal and wanting to please our eyes as well as those of our family and friends. It is a very noticeable part of a house, after all. As with sports cars, shaped roofs appeal for their more interesting shapes. Not only that, a pitched, peaked, or gable roof, they all amount to the same, with its instantly recognizable triangular shape, also deflect water and snow well. Also, in terms of space, they allow more of it by way of an attic created and will improve ventilation inside a home. So, what is not to love about shaped roofs? They are one of the most popular roof choices in America.

So, apart from curb appeal from the outside, a shaped roof will appeal inside when the family discovers that you have created an attic space that can become another bedroom. Perhaps one that is converted into a space to stargaze at night. Creativity will leave the possibilities limitless.

The affordable price of asphalt shingles makes it a popular material choice for many Americans. It is a material that is easy and economical in terms of its installation. Aesthetically, it can be reinforced with cellulose organic materials or fiberglass without changing the appearance of the shingles. So, it can be as nice to look at as more expensive alternatives.

Adding value to a Home

It is thought that a new roof will increase the resale value of a home by approximately $12,000 on average. Another pleasing statistic is that homeowners will likely expect to recover an average of 62 percent of their installation cost through this increase in value to their home. This makes adding a new roof to your home a wonderful investment opportunity when the old roof is just not up to the job anyway.

So, there seems little point in delaying the construction of our new roof when we can maintain protection of our property and its contents better, add all kinds of appeal to our home, and also add value to it. It will be the best investment we have ever made in terms of home improvement.