25 DIY Halloween Costume Projects
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25 DIY Halloween Costume Projects

DIY Halloween Costume

 In a kids eye Halloween is pretty important. Getting creative with DIY Halloween Costumes and they get tons of candy. What kid wouldn’t have fun?! While beginning our costume preparations this year, we got to thinking about what was the most popular Halloween costumes throughout the years. There were a lot of great ideas from the past years. As moms we see sugar highs and our wallets going empty. What if I tell you I can help you with one of those? Below you will find 25 DIY Halloween Costume Projects that are easy on your wallet. 

1. $5 Tardis Costume (Dr. Who)
2. The Big Lebowski
3. Super Heroes and Villians
4. Clown with Pom Pom Wig
5. Minecraft Costume
6. Adult Madeline Costume
7. Big Bad Wolf
8. Ruby Red Slippers
9. Polka Dot Super Hero
10. Dinosaur (Hoodie)
11. DIY Kitty Costume
12. Fantastic Mr and Mrs Fox
13. $1 Paper Doll Costume
14. The Lost Woodman
15. Ladybug
16. Owl Costume
17. Where the Wild Things Are (Max)
18. Ping Pong Eyeball Headband
19. No-Sew Mermaid Costume
20. Granny from Little Red Riding Hood
21. Where’s Waldo
22. French Macaron Costume
23. Shoot for the Stars
24. Air Mail Costume
25. Last Minute Mario and Luigi

10 thoughts on “25 DIY Halloween Costume Projects

  1. Growing up, my mom always made our costumes, which by the way were WAY better than the store bought ones. These are some really cute ideas, I can’t believe we already have to start thinking about a Halloween!

  2. Great post! Halloween has been on my mind a lot as of late and these are some fantastic ideas! I’m sure the kids will love them.

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