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2017 #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate #Ad

With four kids you would think I would be prepared for everything. However that just isn’t the case. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you got to “Let it Go”. That’s just how my Disney Kids Preschool Playdate went. I would say maybe a fourth of what happened , happened as planned. However the end goal was for them to have fun and I think everyone did. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)! DisneyKids The past couple months has been a little insane for my family. A good insane. My husband was offer another job that was not only a promotion for him but also a raise. It was to good to not take. The only downfall was that it was further from our family. So we decided to do the kid’s birthday party a little early. This way everyone could be there. Plus, with the stress of moving it was kind of nice to have a little fun. DisneyKids A lot of great goodies came in my bag for the party. I was able to bring everything to my cousin’s house in the awesome Disney Sofia suitcase from American Tourister. My daughter has already taken over the suitcase and packed it full of her precious items so they don’t get lost in the move. Carly Jo used her Nemo pillow pet to take her nap on the way to the party. DisneyKids It was cute, cuddly, and soft! A party isn’t complete with out some yummy treats! My kids favorite is Pop Secret popcorn. I like it too. It’s yummy and easy to do! (Which easy was the theme for this years party!) Of course little hands tend to get a little messy when they are eating so the Soft Soap came in very handy!! Lastly no party is complete without HP! HP provided two great items. One for the prep and one for the during. DisneyKids We had a chance to use their print paper for inventions to make our own. I thought this was a fun and unique to celebrate the little ones. It also saved me a trip to the store. I had a printer, paper, and the computer to make the inventions. I am a mom, and so was a good chunk of the attendees at the party. One thing moms are good is taking pictures!! Everyone really enjoyed the HP Snapshots photo paper. I personally think it was a great way to capture the fun memories! DisneyKids The party was a simple party. We had some cute cupcakes that were minnie mouses ears. My mother in law was the one to think for that! We did the party outside, because it was beautiful day. Honestly, outside parties are less messy too! (I am a mom…I think about these things! LOL) We had intended on doing the games, but my kids lost interested pretty quickly. They are all very active and wanted to play with their cousins. I was exhausted from a busy week of prepping for the party, move, and end of school activities. So honestly, I went with the flow. Everyone had fun. There were tons of laughter, and that’s what matters! After all it’s hard not to enjoy yourself when you yummy food, friends, family, and cute decorations!

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