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20 Back to School Lunch Ideas


back to school lunches


Oh my!! I just looked at the calendar and realized school starts in exactly a month for my bunch!! It feels like the summer just flew by! Am I the only one that feels that way? Well this year I am doing something very scary…my youngest is starting school. She has some minor food allergies, but the truth is it stills scares me. I have told every person that I can think of about it, but honestly I am still thinking about packing school lunches for her. I don’t want to always do the same old boring sack lunches for her. I want to spice it up, but was unsure what to do. I was amazed with all the fun ideas that was out there for sack lunches.

1. 3 Fun School Lunch Ideas
2. Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad
3. Bacon, Avocado, and Tomato Egg Wraps
4. Lunch Box Fruit Notes
5. Lunchbox Love Notes
6. Freeze Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for Lunches (Time Saver!)
7. Peach Pinwheels
8. Chocolate Pretzel Granola Bars(Peanut Free)
9. Rio 2 Bento Box Lunch
10. Soft Pretzels
11. Healthy Fruit Snacks
12. Gluten Free Protein Bites
13. Homemade Apple Sauce
14. Balsamic Chicken Pasta Salad
15. DIY Fruit Roll Ups
16. Whole Wheat and Cheddar Mini Crackers
17. Southwest Turkey Wraps
18. Dr. Seuss Lunchbox Ideas
19. Football Themed Lunchbox Ideas
20. Puppy Themed Bento Box Lunch

Do you do anything fun for sack lunches?