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12 Ways to Give Thanks for Educators

Students today enjoy instruction from the greatest generation of teachers, principles, and superintendents ever. Today’s educators have accomplished record-setting high school graduation rates, more students succeeding in a more rigorous curriculum, and steadily improving test scores, while at the same time achieving high parent satisfaction and strong student-teacher relationships.

That is a lot for one group to do!

As November is a month for giving thanks—, below here are some tips on how you can thank the educators in your lives this month:

  1. Make sure your child gets enough sleep
  2. Email your child’s teacher a funny gif
  3. Teach and promote manners and respect at home
  4. Don’t let your children bring an entire lunch of Halloween candy, even if they claim they’ll trade some for actual food
  5. Volunteer to visit the classroom to read to students
  6. Have your child write his or her teacher or principal a thank you card
  7. Let your child stay after school to help with grading the teacher with classroom chores or tasks
  8. Encourage your children to pick up after themselves
  9. Prompt your child to participate in activities
  10. Send a bouquet of Lysol sanitizing wipes
  11. Volunteer to visit the classroom to help with projects
  12. Help your child with homework

How else do you give thanks for educators?

About the author

Dr. Richard DuFour, EdD was a public school educator for thirty-four years, serving as a teacher, principal, and superintendent and earning Illinois’ highest award as both principal and superintendent. In his latest book In Praise of American Educators, Dr. DuFour highlights all that educators have accomplished and gives them ideas on what more they can do.