10 Tips For Your Kindergartner
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10 Tips For Your Kindergartner

tips for your kindergartner

Is your pre-k student entering Kindergarten soon? There are many things you can do to prepare your child for this big adventure in their life. If you’re ready to start preparing your child for this incredible journey, then check out these ten tips for their first day of school.

#1. Communication

Your child should not find out the day before Kindergarten that they are about to start school. This is something you will want to talk with your child about several weeks (maybe months) prior.

#2. Contact Information

Does your child know everything about his or her life from a contact stand point? Make sure they know your name, phone number, and the address of your home if possible.

#3. Practice

It might sound silly to practice before going to Kindergarten, but this is a big deal. If you can practice going to the bus stop or walking up to the doors of the classroom, this may help alleviate some anxiety.  Take a tour around the school a few times if you need to.

#4. Routine

Start the Kindergarten routine a few weeks early if at all possible. Waking up at the right time, eating breakfast, getting dressed, and getting out the door. This is a smart routine to get into place before the real “thing” starts. Make it fun and stress free if at all possible.

#5. Involve the Others

If this is your first Kindergartner or your fifth, it’s important to involve the whole family in this exciting time of life. As much as you can, involve the other kids by telling them what’s going on and what will happen when your pre-k child heads off to Kindergarten. It’s much better when everyone knows what’s going on and you talk to them freely about it.

#6. Have Fun

During these chaotic moments of new beginning life can sometimes get lost in the mix. It’s important to have fun whenever you can. Your child will now be gone a lot more during the day, but make the moments count as much as possible.

#7. Lay Clothes Out

You have probably heard this tip a thousand and one times, but laying out clothes really helps in so many ways. You won’t be rushing around in the morning to get things ready. Lay out everyone’s clothes the night before if this will help you get things moving.

#8. Write a Note

Okay, maybe your Kindergartner can’t read quite yet, but putting a note in their lunch or asking the teacher to hand it to him or her will make his/her day. You have an opportunity to show them you care in such a small way by doing something like this.

#9. Learn to Let Go

Sending your child off to school is not easy, but as a parent this is one of many firsts. While you may want to keep them cradled in your arms forever, it’s time to let go. They will do many big things in their little lives, but heading to Kindergarten is truly one of the firsts. You won’t be there to hold their hand or kiss their “ouches.” You might start crying reading this part, but just embrace the fact that you are doing something right by sending your kid off to do great things.

#10. Get Involved

As you can see, preparing for Kindergarten isn’t a onetime thing. This is something that will take weeks and months to prepare for emotionally at least. As time goes on, things will get easier. If you have a chance to be involved in this part of your child’s life, then I encourage you to jump in with both feet. Soon enough, your Kindergartner and your family will get into a routine and enjoy this new phase of life.

Do you have any tips to help prepare your Kindergartner for the first day of school? I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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  1. I was a lunch monitor to kindergartners for a few years. I always read the notes to them. And oh boy! On Chinese food day, I had to go around and read everyone’s fortune cookie message to them. Lol!

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