10 Tasty Turtle Recipes
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10 Tasty Turtle Recipes

There is nothing quite like a turtle candy! I love the layers of caramel, pecans and chocolate for sure, but taking those flavors to other treats? Talk about brilliant! I have gathered 10 tasty turtle recipes to share with you, and I know you’re going to want to try  them all! Picking a favorite might prove to be a challenge!


Turtle Chex Mix by The Tiptoe Fairy

Turtle Slide by One Artsy Mama

Caramel Turtle Pretzels by Tastes of Lizzy T

Mini Turtle Cheesecakes by Amanda’s Cookin’

Frozen Turtle Pie Shakes by Swanky Recipes

Turtle Cheesecake Brownies by Domestic Superhero

Turtle Thumbprint Cookies by Swanky Recipes

Turtle Frappuccino by Almost Supermom

Caramel Turtle Cupcakes by Tastes of Lizzy T

Homemade Turtle Candy by Cara’s Creations


I think all of these sound fabulous! I definitely could go for on of the Turtle Pie Milkshakes!

If you have a favorite turtle recipe I would love to hear about it. Which of these recipes would you like to try first? It is a hard decision isn’t it?!


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