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10 Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids to Do for Fun

Arts and crafts are great for children of all ages. It helps them nurture their creative spirit and is a fun bonding experience with parents as well.

If you’re a parent who doesn’t know where to start or think you’re not “crafty” enough, don’t worry. There are hundreds of craft projects that you can make with your little ones that require no special skills. With just a few affordable materials from your favorite craft supplies store, you’ll have everything you need to spark their children’s imagination. Get started with these 10 fun and easy crafts for kids.


Origami, also known as the art of paper folding, uses colorful papers and folding techniques to create a variety of shapes, from animals to non-living things. Origami is easy to do, but it presents enough challenge to keep kids engage.

You don’t need many things to do origami. Research different folding patterns and prepare  kami paper, which are the standard foldable, thin papers used for origami. Then you’re ready to make your own origami animal zoo.

Recycled Pencil Holder

Don’t throw away tin cans and plastic bottles once they’re empty. You can use make recycled pencil and pen holders for your next arts and crafts projects with the kids.

All you need to start are tin cans or plastic bottles as the main material and some craft supplies to decorate the pencil and pen holder. The project can be done in two easy steps. First, you cut the top part of the can or water bottle to make a wide opening. After that, you can fun decorating the can or bottle, and you have your recycled pencil holder. Before decorating, make sure to clean the can or bottle thoroughly and smoothen out any sharp parts that can accidentally injure you.

Your recycled pencil holder can also be used to store other school and art supplies, including crayons, markers, pens, clips, etc.

Beaded Bracelets

Quick and easy to make, beaded bracelet is the perfect craft project for the budding young fashionista. What you need to start are elastic cord and a collection of beads in different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns.

There are a variety of strings for making bracelets, but elastic cord is for kids since it is flexible and doesn’t break easily. Plus, other strings, like nylon and coated wire, may be hard to handle and can possibly injure their hands.

Simple designs can be easy to make, but if you add in stylish weaves and patterns, you can make the work more challenging and engaging.

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Make good use of your milk cartons by turning them into bird feeders. This craft has double purpose— you get to recycle junk and feed cute birds! And it’s relatively fun and easy to make, which is perfect makes it perfect for kids.

To make a milk carton bird feeder, you need to wash and clean the milk carton thoroughly to make sure there’s no milk residue that will spoil the bird feed. The first step is to cut an opening at the center of the milk carton.

Next, insert a thick popsicle stick of small branch to create a perch an inch below the opening then make a small hole on top of the milk carton and tie a string to use for hanging the bird feeder. After which, you can enjoy painting and decorating the bird feeder, and you’re done!

T-Shirt Stamping

T-shirt stamping is another perfect craft project for the budding young fashionista! All you need are plain white t-shirts, fabric paints of different colors, foam or styro takeout boxes, and foam brush.

This project can create a lot of mess, so it’s best to do it outdoors and to cover the area with a mat or newspapers before you start. To create a design, the pattern you want on the foam or styro takeout box and cut it following the shape you drew.

Next, apply paint on the foam with your foam brush then simply lay the painted side of the foam on the shirt. Press firmly and evenly to make sure the design adheres equally. Leave it to dry, and you’ve got your very own customized t-shirt!

Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial to make pineapple-printed shirt using takeout boxes.

DIY Snow Globe

It’s time to make use of all the mayonnaise jars and jam containers cluttering your kitchen cabinets. For your next craft project with the kids, make DIY snow globes usings empty mayo jars or jam containers and LEGO toys. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

What you need for this project are an empty jar, a small LEGO figurine, water, glycerine (or dish soap), hot glue, and glitters. Make sure to handle hot glue carefully and assist the kids when using it.

You can let them wear protective gloves, so they don’t burn their hands in case the hot glue drips. Some care is also needed when handling glitters as they can get in the eyes and are hard to remove.

Here’s a detailed picture guide to make your own DIY Legoman snow globe.

Handmade Greeting Cards

It’s long been a tradition to give cards to family and friends on special holidays and occasions to send your sincere greetings. What can be more sincere than giving handmade greeting cards?

Making handmade greeting cards is a suitable craft project to do with the kids on Christmas holiday. They can make some to give to their grandparents, favorite relatives, and closest friends. It doesn’t cost much and only needs the usual art and crafts supplies to make.

Prepare your colored papers, cardstocks, coloring materials, glitters, stickers, and washi tapes and spend a fun after making Christmas cards for your loved ones. Here are some inspiring Christmas design ideas you can try out with the kids.

Hanging Jellyfish Decor

Kids can’t resist eccentric sea creatures, and jellyfish is definitely one of them. For your next craft project with the kids, why not make cute, quirky hanging jellyfish to spruce up their room decor? Using handmade decor is a great way to personalize your interior without expending much cost.

The things you need for this project are plastic cups (like Solo cups), paperclips, strings, googly eyes, and a nail, screwdriver or something to use for poking holes. Once you have the materials ready, you can follow this how-to picture guide to make a DIY hanging jellyfish decor.

DIY Balloon Bowl

Have fun and teach the kids to get organized in your next craft projects: making a balloon bowl. To get started, you need to prepare plastic balloons, glue, safety scissors, confetti or recycled paper, paint brush, and a containers for the glue and confetti.

This the perfect craft for recycling use text or colored papers as you can use them to make confettis for the the balloon bowl. They have to be cut into little square strips as evenly as possible to create the body of the bowl. Let the kids use safety scissors to prevent accidents and prepare individual containers to avoid messes.

When everything’s ready, you can follow this detailed guide for a DIY balloon bowl.

Sock Puppets

Recycle old socks by making them into sock puppets to make story time more fun and engaging. It’s doesn’t require a lot of preparation and materials.

To start, you need old socks, googly eyes, yarn, felt cloths, and fabric glue. The felt cloth will be used to make the facial and other features of your sock puppet while the yarn will be used for the hair. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can also use buttons as a substitute for the eyes.

Fabric glue is used to stick the different features on the puppet for the safety of the kids. However, if they’re already able to safely use needle and thread, you can opt for stitching the different feature to increase the challenge and make a more durable sock puppet.

Here’s a sock puppet making video tutorial to get you started.

Final Word

Making arts and crafts is a great way to spend leisure time. It fosters creativity in kids and helps develop their motor skills. It’s also more engaging that watching videos on the internet, and they get to learn different skills and values while they’re doing arts and crafts.


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