What Does It Really Take To Get Healthy?

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As busy, career-driven Moms, our health is rarely on the top of our to-do list. We’ll prioritize our kids above all else. And the rest of the list is pretty long. Finally, at the bottom, comes us. It’s just the way it is. But being healthy should always be at the top of the list. After all, how are we going to take care of our kids, our homes, and our paychecks if we’re not in tip top shape?


I know some Moms who rattle as they walk because of all the multivitamins they take. I’m not sure this is the ultimate answer to good health. But I certainly see the benefits of it. There are plenty of times when I’ve found myself at the end of the day with no time to eat a good meal. We grab what we can and take the vitamins to fill in the gaps from our diet. It’s not ideal, but at least we’re trying to stay healthy. As for sleep, we all know it’s essential, but who doesn’t push the limits for minimum hours?

What Does It Really Take To Get Healthy?

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I also know there isn’t a Mom out there that doesn’t get plenty of activity just from running around with the kids. But I also know a lot of Moms wouldn’t say no to some real exercise. We all want to be in good shape so we can keep up with kids. The healthy approach to exercise really does need some professional advice, though. Personal trainers understand what it’s like for us raising a busy family. They can help you find the exercises that improve your health and fitness without costing you that quality time with the kids.


Having time to cook healthy meals and exercise can feel like a luxury at times. Getting healthy and staying that way does take a lot of commitment. But I think a commitment to a routine that includes eating well and exercising is perhaps the most important part of it. Lifestyle changes can sometimes help. And getting really organized is useful too. If you don’t use apps to help manage your schedule, give one a go. You can then see where all your time is going.

What Does It Really Take To Get Healthy?

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Apps are great for tracking your diet and exercise plan too. They help you see that you are making progress. It’s good to spend this time taking care of yourself. Once you’ve got your health plan from your personal trainer, you can easily keep on top of it with the help of apps. Who knows, you may even free up enough time to enjoy some extra fun with the kids too.


Getting healthy is something we should all be working toward, no matter how busy we get. After all, we need to be leading by example when it comes to our kids. If they can see we take the time and trouble to look after our bodies, they will hopefully grow up to respect their bodies in the same way. They might even want to join in with us so we can get fit and healthy together. Take five minutes to see where your health is heading. If it’s time for a change, make it. Be healthy.


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