What Are the Different Safety Precautions You Should Take At Playground

Playground is one of the places where children get injured due to inadequate safety arrangements. As a careful parent, you need to ensure that the playground is safe for your child to indulge in play such as climbing, jumping and swinging. There is a checklist which lists a number of safety precautions that will give you peace of mind by ensuring the best level of safety of your child.


How critical can be an unsafe playground?


Common forms of injuries using playground equipment involve equipment failure, falls, entrapment and collisions. Unsafe structures of playground can also lead to death of a child. Whether it is a public park, recreation facility or school, it is needed to promote safe outdoor places for playing.


Watch out for broken or damaged equipment


It is essential to properly check playgrounds where children play. Look for different types of hazards such as broken or rusted equipment, dangerous surfaces etc. You should report any hazard to the concerned body i.e., school or local office.


Inculcate safe habits in your child


In addition to ensuring the safety of playground area and region, it is equally important to teach children that shoving, pushing, or crowding on the playground can result to be dangerous. You should dress properly for the playground. Remove purses, scarves, necklaces, or clothes with drawstring that have the possibility of getting caught on equipment. All such things should be completely avoided as it can pose a strangulation danger.


Ensure separate area for big and small children


Little children play differently than grown up kids. It is essential to get a separate playground for children below the age of five. Ensure that these children use age appropriate equipment on playground. Also, these separate play zones for children below five should be in good order and maintained well.

Check the smoothness of the surface


Playground flooring is also a major concern when ensuring the safety of a place. The surface beneath and surrounding playground equipment needs to be safe for babies especially those who have just started to walk. The play zone needs to have an easy and smooth surface to walk on. Avoid playing on grounds that has non-impactful absorbing surfaces like concrete, asphalt, dirt, grass, or gravel.


Recommended materials of surface include pea gravel, sand, mulch, wood chips, and shredded rubber. Synthetic turf, rubber mats, and other forms of artificial materials are also considered as safe surfaces and need less maintenance. Playground surface should be a minimum of twelve inches deep. It should extend to at least six feet uniformly in all four directions around stationary playground equipment.


Check about the condition of the equipment


Your playgrounds should be inspected and well maintained by skilled and competent personnel. Ensure that your child care center and school have age-appropriate and properly maintained equipment of playground.


Remove Recalled Equipment


If you find that any playground equipment is recalled, then it must be down away with. Report about all such equipment to concerned authorities and get it removed right away.




Playground safety is very crucial. While structures in playground look like a fun environment for kids but they can also prove to be very dangerous. These safety tips would surely help in raising awareness about playground safety and enhance existing playground conditions.

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