Weird Symptoms? Here’s What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

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Weird Symptoms? Here's What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You



The human body is weird, there’s no doubt about it. When it’s working well, it’s strange and fascinating enough, so when things go wrong it can seem like nothing short of a mystery. Never ignore any weird symptoms you experience since even if they’re mild, it can be a clue that something isn’t right elsewhere in your body. Here are a few things to look out for.


An Unhealthy Tongue

Your tongue should be pink and plump with no pain or soreness. If there’s something wrong with your tongue, it’s a great indicator that there’s something else going on in your body. So get in front of a mirror and say ahhhh! A lumpy, white and cracked tongue is a sign of a yeast infection. A strawberry red tongue is a sign of a vitamin deficiency- specifically iron or b12. Make some adjustments to your diet quickly, and invest in some nutritional supplements too, A black or brown fuzzy tongue is often a sign that your oral hygiene isn’t the best. As well as brushing your teeth, brush your tongue too. Use antibacterial mouthwash, and drink plenty of water during the day to prevent your mouth feeling dry and sticky.


Funny Looking Nails

Brittle nails are a sign of a vitamin deficiency, whereas clubbing or inflamed skin around the nail can point to a yeast infection. One nail symptom you should never ignore is a brown vertical stripe- this can actually be a very deadly form of skin cancer so always get it looked at right away. Again your nails are a window to your overall health. While sometimes they can be affected by not protecting the hands from chemicals, other times they’re a sure sign that something inside the body isn’t quite right.


Hair Loss

Hair loss is very common in men and is a normal sign of ageing. Most men have visible hair loss by the time they reach thirty-five, genetics are to blame, and it’s not a symptom of health. However, in women, hair loss can be a little more alarming. Those with a hormone imbalance caused by a condition such as PCOS can actually experience hair loss in a similar way to men- mainly on the crown of the head. Speak to your GP to get to the bottom of this, sometimes a change in lifestyle and getting your symptoms under control can help slow down or stop hair loss.


Food Cravings

Do you ever get an intense craving for a particular kind of food? The first thing is to rule out you’re not pregnant! If you’re not, you can get to the bottom of what your cravings mean. Providing you’re not craving sugar or fat (which the body will always want), it could be a sign that you lack in something. Craving ice, for example, might point to anaemia or an iron deficiency. Craving salt might mean you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue. Craving fruit could be an indicator that you’re dehydrated or experiencing low blood sugar. Pay attention to what it is you’re craving specifically and look online as to what it could mean. If it causes for concern, speak to your doctor.


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