Valentine’s Day Coloring Page

Being a Mom means you do the same things over and over again. You clean the same messes up several times a day. You prepare meals several times a day. Chances are you even repeat yourself a few times a day.

My favorite part of being a mom is all of the fantastic hugs I get from my kids. That is one thing I never tire of doing over and over again!

Since I am always asking to hug a little one, or asking a little one for a hug I made this coloring page for my kids and I want to share it with your children too!

Hug Me Coloring Page

Hug Me Coloring Page

I had my kids color this page and write their names and ages at the bottom. We are sending these works of art to aunts and uncles that live away in hopes of brightening their day with a little color and a hug!

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