Once Upon A Time Bible for Little Ones from ZonderVan

If you are looking for a good Bible for your little one then I would suggest trying Once Upon A Time Bible for Little Ones from ZonderVan. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

 Once Upon A Time Bible for Little Ones from ZonderVan

This Bible is great for teaching young children and helping to keep them engaged in the story by the way that it is written. This book features eight powerful and inspiring stories from the Bible such as the Baby in the Basket, the Birth of Jesus and the Boy that helped feed Thousands. Teaching kids the stories in the Bible is something that to me is very important, and starting at a young age is something that I always loved.

The Bible is complicated to understand and boring for most young children to sit and listen to but with the Once Upon A Time Bible for Little One’s the stories are told in a way that little children can understand and illustrated in a way that keeps them entertained and engaged. These stories are also written in a way that keeps your child wanting to read them over and over again.

My kids loved these, and I keep them for when my friends bring over their little ones since it gives them something to look at. These are great for bedtime stories also, even my not so little girl still loves it when I read her a story or two from this before bed at night. These are great for bringing with you in the car or to church to help keep your little ones quiet.

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