The Ultimate Garden Showdown: Patio or Decking

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Patio or decking is one of the age-old gardening debates. For many, they are keen to make sure that you utilise their garden space wisely. Both patios and decking are striking features. What is more, they provide a place to relax, eat and socialise.  After all, this is important during the summer when we all hit the garden.

If you are considering renovating your garden, you need to know what you want for your outdoor space. After all, when it comes to patio or decking, you need to consider your options. There is a wealth of considerations you should make. You need to consider the frequency of use and the overall ‘look’ of the feature. Some gardens look better with decking; others positively shine with patios. Of course, a lot of the decision-making process is based on your own personal taste. So, make sure that you get a garden that you will love.


The view of your property is already defined when you move in. But, if you have gorgeous views, you may want to take advantage of these. You need to think about what you want and how much of your garden you wish to renovate. Patio tends to be better for smaller gardens. But, decking can look grand in a larger yard. Decking tends to be cheaper, but it is more labour intensive. So, think about you want and whether you want to start embarking on excavation when you are planning your new garden.

Your Lifestyle and Needs

Whether you want decking or patio, you need to think about how you are going to fund this. Patio Living Perth state that aside from budget, you need to think about the feature will be used. Maintenance and aftercare are vital with decking. But, this is less important with patio features. You need to think about decking and the cost of aftercare. Oils, specialist treatments and cleaning materials can be costly. Whereas patios need a less expensive maintenance routine. A simple bucket of soapy water can have your patio looking as good as new. You need to think about the upkeep and how you will fund the maintenance costs. Time is of the essence with this kind of maintenance work. So, if you don’t have the time to maintain and treat your decked area regularly, you may find that this is not the best solution for you.

A Matter of Taste

Of course, there is no substitute for what you think. You may prefer one style of gardening over another. What is more, you may have strong opinions on one or the other. Do prepare to make a sizeable investment in your garden. Consider how patio or decking will feature in your garden. You want the aesthetic quality to be the greatest of all. So, do make sure that the style that you choose fits in with your pre-existing garden theme. You can even go wild with inspiration and have patio and decking! This can have a striking appearance and can make your garden stand out from the crowd.


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