Twist and Fold Activity Gym Mat #2019WOMRHoliday

I am all about cute toys for babies that are not only fun for them but also help with their development as they grow, add on the fact that they can easily be transported, and I’m all over it. One of my favorite gifts to give to anyone I know having a baby these days is the Twist and Fold Activity Gym Mat.

This floor gym is absolutely amazing and can be used from newborn up to toddler. It comes with a tummy time pillow, linking toys that also transition for you to use as car seat and stroller toys, a pull down monkey that plays music and he climbs back up and a mirror. There are so many things to keep baby entertained and learning with this play gym.

Plus this thing folds up so easily, making it even better because you can easily take it with you wherever you go so that you have a nice place for your baby to play. I have several friends who bring theirs to church on Sundays for their baby and it helps them keep them entertained during services. They even love that they can take the linking toys and hook them on their little ones car seat when they are out and about, giving their little one something to keep them entertained. If you or someone you know are expecting or have recently had a baby, then I would highly recommend getting this, it really is great to have and I’m sure you’d love it as well.

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