Try These 7 Matcha Infused and Flavored Recipes This Week

It is healthy, refreshing, and versatile. Matcha is here to stay as it makes its way to homes where tea lovers and health-conscious folks can enjoy a sip of the hot or cold green tea drink. 

Indeed, matcha is unlike any other. Aside from being a straightforward beverage, the vibrant-green tea powder can be used as an ingredient to desserts and drinks that you can dig into without the guilt. Matcha enriches the taste and nutritional content of these foods. 

The good news is you can recreate some matcha-flavored treats you’ve probably ordered in coffee shops or restaurants at home. Put your cooking, mixing, measuring, or baking skills to work as this article compiles recipes from the best places on the internet, delivered straight to your kitchen. 

Sponge Cake 

Click this link, and see if you can resist a beautifully decorated matcha-and-almond layered cake. Cream cheese serves as the filling, which should be freshly made. As for the layers, you can bake them in advance and assemble them when it’s time to serve. The recipe requires ace skills in the baking department with preparation and cooking time close to two hours.

You can also check out matcha almond genoise layer cake with matcha-white-chocolate ganache for frosting. 

Lava Shake 

It’s a mixture of matcha, almond, chocolate, and vanilla. The milkshake recipe from Half Baked Harvest involves preparing chocolate lava and the shake itself with the matcha. The process may be twofold, but in less than 30 minutes, you’ll be able to relish your healthy and chocolatey drink.

Crepe Cake 

If you are looking for a gluten-free treat, imagine piles of matcha crepes. The cake is filled with white-chocolate ganache and a bit of matcha. Putting together the delicate layers of crepe and decorating take time; think at least four hours. But the result is a green masterpiece that tested your culinary skills.

Green Tea Ice Cream 

Craving for something cold and soft on a humid day? Drop by to tick the steps on how to whip up your matcha-flavored ice cream. The first step involves whisking the powder and milk to dissolve the powder and create a smooth texture. You can take from there, and in five hours or so, you’ll have successfully made your first-ever ice cream with a taste of green tea. 

Matcha Mochi 

Both are natives of Japan. Mochi refers to cakes made from glutinous rice called mochigome. These sweet Japanese cakes are usually cut into cubes or shaped like balls designed to be bite-size snacks.

For this undertaking, mochi is green because matcha is mixed with the dough and is sweet because of the coconut milk. The dessert can take 10 hours to make, including baking and letting it sit overnight.  

Green Tea Latte 

Maybe you won’t order from the coffee shop after this. You’ll just reach for your bamboo whisk to “brew” your matcha latte at home. tells you how to create this magical beverage, which can be served hot or cold. For a cup of genuine green tea latte, the process is very much doable.

Matcha Madeleines  

The classic French cookies get a matcha upgrade as evident in this recipe. These treats are the proverbial soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. And what the matcha tea powder does is to lend its flavor and vibrant green color to the cakes. Do Marcel Proust proud, and bake your first batch.

More Matcha Tips 

It’s a common belief that matcha is naturally bitter, which is useful in offsetting sweetness or providing complex flavors to the food. This bitterness has to do with the quality or grade, as Wikipedia notes the following:

  1. Ceremonial: considered as the best, albeit the most expensive kind carrying the hard-to-explain, delicate taste of umami.
  2. Premium: comes second to ceremonial-grade matcha in terms of quality and price. It’s known for its fine texture.
  3. Culinary/cooking: used primarily as an ingredient and related purposes. This grade is characterized as having subtle hints of a bitter taste. 

Pay attention to the quality of the matcha because it affects the drink or food you are making. This quality is evident in the color, texture, and taste. Indeed, the act of brewing a cup of matcha green tea involves intricacies in the preparation to bring out its best. 

Now, you are ready to treat yourself or your guests to healthy and yummy snacks courtesy of newfound favorite, matcha. 

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