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Guess what? Summer is here!! (Finally!!) But, I probably didn’t have to tell you that. Summer probably has to be one of my favorite times of the year. My husband is a teacher, so I get a little more time with him. Plus we can gang up on the kids. I can’t be the only mommy that feels outnumbered sometimes. Do the math…3 against 1 = no fun! LOL!

Well, this summer I have BIG plans. The best part of the summer is just nine days away! In just nine short days my husband and I will be having our ten year anniversary. Sometimes it’s pretty hard for me to believe we made it ten years. It hasn’t always been easy, but every battle has made us stronger. Plus there were TONS of fun experiences. I want to do something special for our ten year anniversary. One thing that has came to my mind is going on a cruise to Singapore or Malaysia.  However, we will probably be going camping instead. We don’t have much free time to do a long vacation, because we have lots of other activities scheduled.

The beginnings of summer the older two are playing t-ball and machine pitch for the first time!! It’s going to be tons of fun cheering them on. I can promise you we will use TONS of sun block. Next month my husband will be teaching summer school and my oldest will be attending it. I was told that they do lots of fun activities outside of the basic education stuff. It will keep him pretty busy and on a routine. Now for July! We will be attending not one but two different reading programs! At the end of July my baby girl will be turning 3!! (Scary!) Not to mention we will be throwing in some swimming lessons and a move to a bigger house sometime in there.

I told you were having a busy summer. Although it’s going to be a good busy. There will be tons of new memories and experiences. I am curious are you having a busy or relaxing summer? What are your plans?

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