Travel Expenses – 5 Secrets for Saving Towards Your Next Big Trip

The world is full of fascinating destinations and undiscovered adventures just waiting to be discovered. The greatest challenge is being able to afford them all! If you’re eager to travel the world, then we have a few hints to help you save towards your next big trip.

Avoid Debt

As tempting as it can be to swipe your way to a vacation, traveling on funds that you haven’t earned yet will end up costing you in interest, and means a longer wait before you can plan the next adventure! If you do need to borrow money, make sure that you do some thorough research on the best options. Fast cash loans online often have better repayment schedules and interest rates than a credit card, so may be worth investigating. However, having the money in savings is always the best option.

Plan Ahead

The longer you have to save towards your holiday, the easier it will be to put together a budget and slowly gather the funds. Planning ahead also allows you to look for the best deals and check seasonal variations.

Put Together a Budget

Most of us have had times where we wonder where the money in our bank account or the cash in our wallet has disappeared to. Losing track of your spending is easy. If you are planning a big trip, this is the perfect opportunity to get your budget in order. You need to start by carefully tracking what you’re spending money on. Try keeping a money diary or using a tracking app. You also need to look at less regular but recurring costs like utilities, haircuts, subscriptions, gym memberships, car maintenance, and gas. Once you have laid out all of your expenses, you can start to prioritize. You will be surprised how much you can save by eliminating takeout food, canceling subscriptions that you aren’t using, and getting your hair cut every eight weeks instead of every four.

Keep a Change Jar

Did you ever collect coins when you were little? It is impressive how quickly spare change can add up. Try putting a jar by your front door and emptying your purse into it each time you come home. Psychologically, we often spend the coins in our wallet without thinking much about it because it doesn’t seem like a lot at the time. If you have joined the cashless society, there are apps that you can download that will round up every purchase to the nearest dollar, acting as an electronic version of the coin jar. Spare change might not be enough to pay for your whole trip, but it could make a significant dent in your food budget, or a unique souvenir while you are traveling.

Keep Your Goal Top of Mind

When you are saving money, one of the biggest challenges can be keeping motivated over a long period. To help you stay focused, give yourself frequent reminders. If you are a visual person, you could change your screensaver to a picture of your destination, stick a photo on the fridge and near your desk, or even create a Pinterest board dedicated to trip planning. Alternatively, try changing your passwords over to holiday-related terms so that every time you log into your emails or bank account you have an instant reminder.

Changing your spending habits can be tricky, but it will all be worth it when you are sipping a mojito in Mexico, scoffing sushi in Tokyo, or trekking through the jungle in South America.

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