Top 10 Must Have Diaper Bag Items

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I live in the middle of no where Kansas. We are 30 miles from the nearest anything! My youngest is 10 months old and my oldest is 10 years old. Having a well stocked diaper bag is very important! Running home isn’t an easy option for me. I would like to say four kids in that I am a master when comes to packing a diaper bag.  This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

  1. Formula: We use a dispenser for his formula. It’s quick, already measured, and per doctors orders we have to mix it with some oatmeal. (We use Beech-Nut!)
  2. Change of Clothes: I keep one of those three pieces outfits in there, because like I said we live in Kansas! One day cold..the next hot. So this way I have pants, short sleeves, and long sleeves. I also keep a burp rag, bib, and sock.
  3. Medications: You never know and I have learned the hard way it’s better to have these on hand!! You don’t want a fussy baby! I keep some Tylenol, teething gel, suction, and thermometer . I put it all in a zip lock baggies.
  4. Baggie of Snacks: Again, Beech-Nut! We usually keep a couple of the pouches and some finger foods. It varies rather it’s the melts or puffs.
  5. Toys!! Always have a couple of toys on hand.
  6. Water: Some of the water around us isn’t the greatest, so we use nursery water. I carry it in my tervis , so if the older ones get really thirsty they can have a drink.
  7. Wipes
  8. Diapers: I carry 8 diapers. Don’t know what it is about that number, but it has never failed me!
  9. Powder, Cream, Mat: I keep all the changing stuff (diaper, wipes, creams, powder) in a baggie. So I can just grab that baggies and go to the bathroom with little man.
  10. Lastly My Stuff: I carry a small baggie of make up, small baggie of headache medications for myself, wallet, check book, planner, and my kindle.

So I guess if you break it down really it’s more than 10 items, but you get the just. You have also probably noticed that I am a huge fan of baggies! I have to have everything organized and zip lock baggies works wonders!! Now that I have welcomed you into the world of my diaper bag I would love to hear what you keep in yours. Did I miss something?



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