The Third Hand: Baby Giraffe

babyHave you ever wished that you had a third hand? Help holding the bottle? Or basically a little help.  The makers of Baby Giraffe was thinking just that when they invited the Baby Giraffe. 

The baby giraffe got it’s name because of how it was made. It has a long spine that is bendable and can be adjusted to be in any position. It has a soft material that has spots just like a giraffe does. The material covers the spine to protect your little if he or she touches it. 

The baby giraffe comes with a couple extra attachments. It come with: toy loop, bottle holder, mirror, and sun shade! It’s the perfect little helper. The toy loop is great for holding a toy in place. No more worries about loosing a toy on a walk. The bottle holder is your best friend. If your little one gets hungry while you are on a walk you don’t have to worry about stopping. All you would have to do is pop the bottle in the holder and position the giraffe to where your little one can reach it. Like I said…your best friend! The mirror can be used on walks as well. It allows you to see your little one while you are walking. The sun shade well the name says it all. You can use the baby giraffe just about anywhere: crib, stroller, highchair, and car-seat. 

I have to travel allot seeings how the nearest everything is thirty miles away. The baby giraffe helps me feed Carly while on the drives. I don’t have to stop or try propping the bottle to feed her.To sum up the baby giraffe it’s like having a third hand. It allows you to do more than one thing at once. Every mom’s dream!  

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